If there is no iTunes anymore, how do I synchronize my iPhone in macOS Catalina

This is one of the news that many were waiting for, iTunes has always been one of the most hated programs by users, although over time their need has been decreasing to the point of not being essential for the vast majority. However, there are many users who still use it to synchronize their music, their videos, make local backup copies of their devices and many more things. What will happen now that macOS Catalina has deleted iTunes?

As we are already testing the betas we will solve all your doubts before the new operating systems to market. As for the disappearance of iTunes in macOS Catalina, we can anticipate that there is nothing you should worry about.

No More iTunes

How to synchronize an iPhone or an iPad in macOS Catalina

It can be said that Apple has killed iTunes in macOS Catalina, at least as you knew it. Now iTunes is divided into new applications and its synchronization functions are located in a new place.

Now we have independent applications for Music, Podcast and Apple TV +. If we connect our iPhone or iPad to the Mac and open any of these apps the iPhone will appear as a device on the side and we can access music or videos, in the Podcast app does not appear as it does not make sense.

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This is fine, but what about the other iTunes features like updating or backing up the device? They are still available but are now located in the Finder.

As you hear it, now when you start the Finder you will see a new section in which your device is, if you click on the interface it will seem very familiar to you. It is a window very similar to the one we had on iTunes where we can see a lot of information:

  • In the upper part, we have different sections to access Music, Movies, Books, Photos and everything we want to synchronize.
  • Then we have the buttons to look for software updates and restore the device.
  • We have backup options just like in iTunes.
  • And in the lower part, we have a bar in which the internal storage is shown.

As we see Apple has bet for its services with three new apps, Music, Podcast and Apple TV +, and has decided to remove iTunes as a stand-alone application. However, all functions are still present and are located in the Finder of your Mac. That is to say, you will still be able to do exactly the same as before, only that you will do it from another place.

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