New iPhone XI cases reappear

The hangover of WWDC 19 is coming to an end and rumors about Apple’s new devices are again the protagonists. On the iPhone XI, or as in the end it ends up calling, we have heard many types of rumors but in recent weeks it seems that everything is much clearer, at least in terms of the rear design.

Apple is going to add a third sensor to the iPhone XI that is probably a wide angle to give new possibilities, we imagine that it will be implemented in the Apple style, that is, with new functions for the camera. The three rear cameras will be placed in a triangle on a square ledge in the upper left area of ​​the iPhone, something that new cases have been commissioned to reconfirm.

New iPhone XI cases

New iPhone XI cases

In the world of Apple leaks, we have three or four important filtering companies and one of them is Ben Geskin. The well-known designer and filter finisher has just published an image in which new cases are appreciated, both the iPhone XI and the successor of the iPhone XR.

As you can see the iPhone XI will have three rear cameras, we see three holes in addition to the flash, and the new iPhone XR will have two, as had been rumored lately. The two devices will use this square projection on the back.

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If there is something that is surprising especially this year is how large the camera sensors seem to be, normally this hole that the sleeves leave is smaller. This could undoubtedly be great news since a larger sensor could be much brighter and take incredible pictures.

Lately one of the most important features of each new smartphone that comes to market is the camera, each device exceeds the previous one and this new iPhone XI aims very high.

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