Instagram redesigns its camera and improves the experience for all users

Today, the annual Facebook developer conference, better known as F8, was held. In the event, the company presented its main novelties for the future, including a complete redesign of the social network that started it all. In addition, Instagram has also had its glory minutes, in which it has been possible to talk about certain news and changes that will be applied in the coming months.

The main change is in the camera, whose design will be renewed to make it much easier to share every moment with our followers. A selector located at the bottom of the interface will allow us to explore different templates that present the user with different possibilities for their stories. For example, we can select the surveys and choose the theme of these randomly, or choose one of the new donation stickers to contribute to different causes easily.

Instagram new camera

Small Tweaks for Content

On the other hand, the user experience will receive small tweaks in order to move the focus away from the numbers and focus on the content. For example, and as it had leaked in the past, the new profiles will reduce the presence of the number of followers on the screen. In addition, the number of “I like” will be hidden in order to reduce the social pressure that may result. We will also work on different experiments dedicated to eliminating bullying from the social network, where it is especially present.

Together, the social network will receive fundamental changes that, while not as visual as those of Facebook, could make a difference in the future. These will begin to be applied in small groups of tests in order to receive feedback from users and will be implemented globally if they are successful. In short, Instagram seeks to be more social than ever but trying to take care of the welfare of its users

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