Instagram will allow you to avoid the stalkers without them knowing

After a great disaster, Facebook is trying to repair all their mistakes thoroughly. The company responsible for the largest social network in the world seems to want to take some responsibility with respect to what happens in its divisions, and above all, with respect to its users. They know perfectly well that they must protect users since we are their most valuable asset. For this reason, it is developing new ways to keep abuses at bay.

A few months ago, on the occasion of the F8, the conference for developers of Facebook, the company announced the arrival of various changes to Instagram. Many of them were related to the user’s welfare, trying to make us feel comfortable in the social network of photography.

Instagram bullying

Specifically, the goal is to prevent abusive behavior from continuing to proliferate on the platform. For this, from Facebook, they use everything in their power to make Instagram a better place.

For example, in the post they have published today about these changes, it is explained how the social network will warn users when making offensive comments. These recommendations are based on comments already reported, so users can think twice about publishing certain things.

On the other hand, if it is detected that someone is attacking you repeatedly, Instagram will give you some recommendations so you can avoid that person without it being found out. Thus, the harasser will continue reading your messages as if they were published in the publications, but if you want they will not appear to you or to other followers. Also, you can not know if you are online or if you have read their direct messages.

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These features are part of the measures that Instagram will apply as the month’s pass, after various experiments in which these and other developments have been tested. For now, it seems that these new functions will be implemented gradually, so it is possible that many of you can not use them for the time being. If everything goes well, we should not take long to see it everywhere, for the good of the users of the social network.

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