How to Install KDZ Firmware on LG Devices

How to Install KDZ Firmware on LG Devices

Stock firmware for LG devices come in KDZ (and here and there TOT) design. You can flash this firmware using the LG Flashtool on a Windows PC to either reestablish a device stock firmware or downsize from an updated discharge.

The following is a guide on the most proficient method to install KDZ firmware on LG devices, adhere to the guidelines cautiously and to the point.

Download LG Flashtool

How to Install KDZ Firmware on LG Devices

  1. Unzip the LG Flash Tool 2014 .compress file that you downloaded above on your PC. You’ll get a lot of files required to run the program.
  2. Double tap/Run LGFlashTool2014.exe file to Open LG Flash Tool.
    • If it doesn’t open, install Visual C++ Runtime Library from here and after that attempt once more.
  3. Boot your LG device into Download Mode:
  4. Power off your LG device.
  5. Press and hold the Volume Up button.
  6. Connect your device to PC with a USB link while holding the Volume Up button.
  7. You’ll boot into download mode with “Firmware Update” composed over the screen.
  8. Now load the .kdz firmware file into LG Flash Tool window on your PC. Snap the peruse button toward the finish of the “Select KDZ file” line. Leave each other alternative as is on the LG Flash Tool window.
  9. When you’ve chosen .kdz firmware file, click the “CSE Flash” button to continue on flashing the.KDZ firmware to your LG device.
    • FYI, the “Typical Flash” button doesn’t wipe information and the “CSE Flash” button wipes information. If you’re overhauling from a stock firmware, then “Typical Flash” may do.
  10. You’ll get a “Read Phone Information” window, it will be clear generally. Simply hit the START button and continue.
  11. You’ll be requested executive authorizations for some LG program on your PC, acknowledge it.
  12. Now you’ll see “Select Country and Language” window. Select “Different” from the nation rundown and after that “English” from the language list. Also, recollect to NOT tick the Smartphone overhaul checkbox, it’s for Windows Mobile phones, not your LG device running on Android.
  13. To at long last start, the firmware flashing process hit the “alright” button.
  14. You’ll see an improvement bar now. Simply hold up until it’s 100%, after which you may get a mistake “Connection to server failed“. This is alright. Try not to disconnect your phone now.
  15. Watch your phone intently, you’ll see some activity going on the screen with “COM” written in green content. When that happens click OK to the “Connection to server fizzled” mistake.
  16. Now watch the firmware update advancement bar on your phone. When it’s finished, your phone will naturally reboot. And after that, you can disconnect your phone from PC and close the LG Flash Tool utility also.

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