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IPad 2 enters Apple’s ‘Obsolete and Vintage’ Devices

Today Apple has included the iPad 2 in its list of obsolete and vintage products. This device that appeared eight years ago as one of the most promising devices of the company, now says goodbye.

While we remember this device came to market in  March 2011 with ‘huge frames’, a 9.7-inch screen with 132 PPI, an A5 chip, the main camera of only 0.7 megapixels, 16GB of storage, Wi-Fi connection -Fi and a price of USD $ 499.

iPad 2 an obsolete design

IPad 2 enters Apple's 'Obsolete and Vintage' Devices

The iPad 2 was one of the devices that Apple manufactured until March 2014, that is, that this device has been suspended for five years, entering the section defined by Apple on its support page as ‘vintage’.

However, now and although the iPad 2 has been a device much loved by users, Apple has entered it to its list of ‘obsolete’ devices, devices that as announced by the company were discontinued more than 7 years ago.

A list that marks the devices that will no longer receive updates from the operating system by Apple, nor by the services of the Genius Bar, much less the authorized Apple stores.

Available until 2021

But, for the luck of some users, this device will not be totally out of the market, because the Cupertino company has announced that there will be an exception.

And, because of local laws in California and Turkey, Apple will continue to support iPad 2  in both countries for two more years, specifically until March 2021.

But,  after that year,  the second generation of the iPad will finally go from the ‘vintage’ to the ‘obsolete’ category in a definitive way, since its worldwide support will disappear.

Mixed feelings

News that will produce sadness in many users, because this was one of the many devices that Apple has presented as a prototype that would give the company more momentum.

Although we remember a few years ago it was Steve Jobs himself, who returned from his leave of absence only to have the pleasure of officially presenting this product as “a completely new and much faster design”.

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