iPhone 11 might be compatible with the Apple Pencil

About the iPhone 11 we know many things, but all focus on its design, little or nothing has been speculated about its possible new functions. Now a Citi Research analyst recovers an old rumor and predicts that the 2019 iPhone will be compatible with the Apple Pencil.

As Business Insider has reported, “iPhone Pencil support” is on the list of the next features that Citi Research expects to see on the 2019 iPhone. A year ago it was speculated on its possible compatibility with the iPhone XS Max, however, That rumor did not materialize and was forgotten.

iPhone 11

Will the iPhone 11 be compatible with the Apple Pencil?

It is strange to think that this year’s iPhone is compatible with the Apple Pencil and that none of the great filters and analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo or Mark Gurman have commented on it and no clues have been found in the iOS 13 code. It wouldn’t make much sense to do it this year since all three iPhone 11 models will feature 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5-inch screens, the same sizes as this year’s iPhone.

The Apple Pencil can be useful on large screen size, but if the size is going to be the same, it doesn’t make much sense for that compatibility to reach the 2019 iPhone and not 2018 one.

On the other hand, we have the famous phrase of Steve Jobs in the presentation of the original iPhone – Who wants a Stylus? – and to which Apple has been faithful during all these years. It is true that at some point it may be useful, but I think the Apple Pencil makes much more sense on the iPad than on the iPhone.

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However, the rumor is there and this group of investors expects us to see compatibility with the Apple Pencil on the iPhone this year. The rumor does not specify whether we would see a new Apple Pencil model for iPhone or the current ones would work. We will have to wait for the month of September and the presentation of the iPhone 11 to get out of doubt, but it is one of those tumors that must be taken very cautiously.

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