Two years later, Google will launch its own Face ID in Pixel 4

If there are a number of phones that Apple should start to fear, that’s the Google Pixel. Although at first, they did not give the impression of being a great rival for the iPhone, little by little they have been demonstrating their power, and this year, with the Pixel 3a, they have begun to boost their sales in a big way. These phones, which have the honor of being the Android standards, on which the latest versions of the system shine, could also become a threat to the Face ID.

Google, and Android, in general, has a past with facial recognition. This technology has not been implemented very well throughout all the years that the active system has been. In his first attempts, to deceive the system, only one photograph was necessary, and although it improved over time, it never became as safe as it should. Well, the Pixel 4 has arrived to change that, and all thanks to the sensors that will be installed in it.

With a teaser of the most interesting, Google has presented us with a phone that not only can we unlock with our face, but will also respond to our gestures. This is thanks to the infrared sensors of the new Pixel 4, as well as the Soli radar that will be installed. In combination, the new sensors will provide security and comfort to its users. At least, if they manage to apply that technology correctly on Android.

Soli, which is the name with which the radar technology that the Pixel 4 will now use, will be used, will allow the mobile to be controlled without even touching it. However, it is not the first time that something like this is tried on Android since the Galaxy also had its ration of gesture control systems. Of course, technology has no point of comparison, but so far they have not shown anything that cannot be done without dedicated hardware.

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Until the time comes for the presentation, which will probably be held in October, we will not be able to obtain more information about the technologies that the new Pixel 4 will carry. Hopefully, even so, they will surprise us then, because the iPhone needs real competition as soon as possible. At least to speed up Apple’s pace of innovation.

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