Is it a good time to buy an iPhone?

It is always said that the best time to buy an iPhone is right after the departure of a new model. In this way you can get a better price on the iPhone you were thinking of buying since with the arrival of the new models, the previous ones are quite low in price.

However, when there are still months for a new iPhone to be presented, it is probably not worth waiting for. If you really need it you should buy it as soon as possible, the power and current capabilities are such that it costs to introduce improvements in the new devices.

If you’re thinking about it, buy a new iPhone without fear


Deciding to buy an iPhone can be by necessity, you have broken your current smartphone and need a new one, or just for fun, you want to buy a new model. Whatever your case, right now is a good time to get a new iPhone.

The new iPhone is usually presented in September, this has been the case since the iPhone 4s, so in August it is difficult to recommend the purchase of a new iPhone unless it is of necessity. However there are still many months to see a new model and buy an iPhone now is a good idea, these are the reasons.

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Since Apple decided to take the reins of the processors of their iPhone, the power has undoubtedly been what has characterized them. Year after year we see how Apple launches tremendous new powerful processors that the competition can only, at best, equal over the months.

For that reason buying an iPhone now, even if it’s a previous model, is not synonymous with lack of power. The current iPhone and one or two years ago are still powerful what guarantees performances for many years.


iPhone XS Camera

With mobile cameras, we have seen an incredible evolution in the last 2 years, but we are really reaching the top of its capacity. The only way that manufacturers are trying to improve is by introducing new sensors to give more possibilities since improving the quality of the photos is very difficult.

For that reason, buying now any model of iPhone you will take a sensational camera. Also, Apple has been introducing double cameras for several years so you will not be short of options.

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After the launch of the iPhone, X Apple released a design guide for the coming years. We already saw how long the design of the iPhone 6 lasted and with the design of the X the same thing will happen. We may see some small changes, but the design will be basically the same.

That is, even if Apple launches a new iPhone the current design is not going to be outdated, so do not be afraid if you want to buy an iPhone now.

iOS 13

iOS 13

The best of Apple devices are the updates, many Android buy a new model because it comes with the latest version of the operating system, that does not happen with the iPhone.

The next big update will come after summer, with important developments and improvements, and will be compatible all iPhone models that Apple currently sells and some older models will be updated with 5 years in the market. So do not worry because you will have the latest version of iOS, and more updates, for a long time.

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As we see, it is increasingly difficult to improve the devices and it is not uncommon to buy an iPhone with one or two years old, they are durable devices.

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