Journey: Sleep Insomnia Helper App Review: How to find your way to healthy sleep

Trouble sleeping is often overlooked and seems not that significant. However, sleep plays a great role in your well-being. Many health issues, from a headache to immunity issues and weight gain, are related to waking ups through the night and feeling exhausted in the morning.

Journey Sleep App, your pocket sleep helper, comes to the rescue here. Its goal is to show that it takes simple steps to control your sleep, energy, focus, and general well-being.Journey Sleep Insomnia Helper

What is Journey: Sleep Insomnia Helper?

Journey App is a science-based digital program. First and foremost, it is aimed at users aged 50+. Many people at this age experience trouble falling and staying asleep, as well as multiple waking ups through the night. All this results in feeling tired during the day and even worsening existing health conditions. That is when Journey provides sleep support with its all-embracing approach. It is based on the latest research and backed up by CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) methods approved by FDA. Journey App strongly relies on expert advice and insights from leading sleep expertsJourney Sleep Insomnia Helper

What to expect from Journey App?

It is a step-by-step way to enjoy your sleep. There you will find:

  • Tailor-made 30-day sleep course. Expect energy and mood check-ins, personalized exercises, and sleep tips.
  • Sleep coach. If you need to speak out, you are free to talk to our sleep coach. You will find the best strategy to gain healthy and fulfilling rest.
  • Unique content. Sleepless, fighting racing thoughts, or in need of a soothing meditation? There is a soothing piece for any occasion. Choose from 500+ meditations, colored noises, videos, fascinating sleep stories, nature and life sounds, and music of various genres and ages.

Journey App uses technologies that protect your sleep, such as security data and an intuitive interface.

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Getting Started With the Journey App

Exploring the app for the first time starts with a small but important quiz. There you let the app learn more about your sleep troubles and wellbeing goals and offer personalized content later.

Journey Sleep Insomnia HelperYou can take a free 7-day trial, but then the app requires a paid subscription.

Once signed up, you get access to all tools for sound sleep. At the very beginning, you will see a tutor for easy navigation through the app. Then you start with a Home screen where you can choose from various media library sections:

  • ‘You might like’ offers you sounds and stories depending on your quiz answers.
  • ‘Play to…’ lets you choose the audio to fall asleep, relieve anxiety, clear your mind, and other issues.
  • ‘New and popular’ lets you enjoy the newest sounds.

Journey Sleep Insomnia HelperBesides, you might explore different kinds of content to your preference, such as sleep stories, nature sounds, or instrumental music. Any sound can be saved to Favorites so that you can create your own playlist.

There you’ll also get notifications from the chatbot. Daily energy and sleep check-ins will let you monitor your sleep and get personalized content.

With the Premium section, you get the highest care for your sleep. Once subscribed or during your free trial, you get access to unique content, such as Space or Pink noises, the Folk rock of the 70s, sleep stories on Tea legends, and guided meditations.

The Profile section provides access to your account, bedtime settings, and favorites. Also, you can contact support, leave feedback, or join the Journey community on Instagram or Facebook.

How to use the Journey App?

Firstly, download the app from the App Store and start your free 7-day trial. Journey App is intuitive and easy to use. Start with a Home screen, check in with a chatbot, and choose the sound to relax with meditation or get to sleep quicker.

In the media library, you will find hundreds of soothing pieces for better sleep, mindful meditation, and energizing sounds for a busy morning. Just imagine falling asleep with a soft voice of a narrator telling you about traveling to Italy or stories to remind you about the sweetest moments of the past. Get ready to focus on your body and release annoying thoughts with 512Hz healing meditation or positive affirmations.

Journey Sleep Insomnia HelperEnjoy your day with gentle piano play or good old rock. In the gallery, you will also find hundreds of sounds for quick stress relief and sweet sleep, such as cat purr, brown noise, or ocean waves.

You need just 15 minutes per day to feel the effect. For better results, it’s recommended to listen to soothing music for half an hour before sleep. The secret is to practice regularly to let your mind and body get used to it.

You are free to join our unique sleep course with simple tips and exercises and access to personalized content.

At any time, you can contact a sleep coach to discuss your progress or define your strategy for healthy sleep. You can also get support with any app-related questions.Journey Sleep Insomnia Helper

What is so special about the Sleep Course?

Get ready to dive deep into your sleep patterns and learn about healthy habits with a 4-week Sleep Course. It is based on CBT methods. It includes a range of techniques that help identify and change destructive patterns affecting your sleep and well-being.

Journey Sleep Insomnia HelperDuring 30 days, you will learn how to improve your sleep hygiene and habits, replace destructive mental patterns with positive ones and keep your motivation high when the course is over. This course includes easy exercises, tips, lifehacks, and support from a digital coach. In addition to daily sleep, energy, and mood check-ins, the course will adjust to your needs depending on your answers.

What is more, the course is reviewed and created in collaboration with leading sleep experts and is based on the latest studies.

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What do users say about Journey App?

Most users report improved sleep, falling asleep sooner and feeling more energetic in the morning, and reduced time awake at night.

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