K Drive Races Locations: All You Need To Know

K Drive Races Locations

What do you know about K drive races locations? Warframe is a very amazing game that was introduced for Microsoft Windows back in March 2013. The game was published and developed by Digital Extremes. The game offers tons of features and a new gaming arena it put the gamers into. For those who don’t know, the Warframe game is a free-to-play action game and third-person action shooter multiplayer where the player controls the team members known as Tenno. Their main agenda is to defeat various factions that are within the game and safeguard Earth from demolition.

The Tenno warriors use their Warframe coupled with various other abilities to successfully fulfill the tasks within the game. However, the game made its own way to the Nintendo Switch platform in November 2018.

Well, K-drive races are also available in the Warframe game that takes place in the Orb Vallis, and whenever you complete it, you will earn Standing for the Ventkids. If you want to know all the locations of the K Drive races in the Warframe game, then, you are landed at the right place. Well, in this article you’ll learn about the locations regarding K Drive Races.

Warframe: K Drive Races Locations

K Drive Races

The K Drive races are designed for the Ventkids, where you have to go through many pass gates while mounting K Drive. When you successfully reach the final gate of the valley in a given time limit, the player will gain Player Standing for the Ventkids. Well, there are 22 races that are scattered across the Orb Vallis but only 5 races are active at the same time. You can refresh races daily or the standing limits. However, the active races that are available, a popup in the mini-map, whenever you get close to it.

The instant way to move to a K Drive race location is to simply use the Archwing to fly over all locations. Also, you can build a custom K Drive, that you can mount on Orb Vallis, and you’ll then view active races on your map. However, this feature is available for desktop PC. If you move ahead with the race, you have to contact a Ventkid at the race marker and you have a whole week to complete the K Drive race.

Here is the map showing all the 22 K Drive locations in the Orb Vallis in the Warframe game:

Whenever you pass through a gate, you’ll gain 500 K Drive Affinity and extra 5 seconds added to your race limit. When you reach the final gate, when passed, allows you with 2500 K Drive Affinity. Here is a table showing the race name, K Drive Affinity in total, or a number of gates:

Number of Gates
K-Drive Affinity
Anyo’s Ointment 18 11000
Bomb the Spaceport 17 10500
Breakdown or Bust 15 9500
Catalyst 18 11000
Deathgrip 16 10000
Dog Line 16 10000
Fortuna’s Folly 20 12000
Frost Merchant 14 9000
Grinding the Void 25 14500
Kubrodon Twist 12 8000
Lord of the Board 24 14000
Meat and Greet 25 14500
Mumsie Dadsie 23 13500
Pobber’s Drop 12 8000
Puffin’ Pastures 19 11500
River Run 11 7500
Roky’s Roll 17 10500
Shaving Nef 10 7000
Skeggin’ Out 13 8500
Sky-Eye 21 12500
Taxman’s Curve 15 9500
The Hard Way 10 7000

After you complete all the 22 races, the title of Race Ace achievement is given to you.


So, there you have it from my side in this guide. I hope you really liked it and found this article helpful as it provides you all the accurate locations of the K Drive race locations in the Orb Vallis. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you have anything to add to this guide.

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