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Know about Symmetry Catalyst and How to Find it in Destiny 2

Symmetry Catalyst Destiny 2There is a Symmetry scout rifle in Destiny 2, and by getting the catalyst, the rifle becomes double powerful. Hence players always want to add the catalyst whenever possible. The weapon is not straightforward, and you will have to micromanage some things. But the hassle is worth it because the damage is big.

One more thing that players should know is that Symmetry is not something legendary. So players who want to own every possible rifle out there can go for it. If you are also the one, you can go along with this guide and know more about the rifle plus the way to obtain it.

Getting Symmetry Scout Rifle 

Symmetry came along with the introduction of the Shadowkeep era. In the beginning, it could be accessed from Master Rahool, and these days it can be purchased. You have to acquire the Monuments to Lost Lights Exotic kiosk for the purchase.

Also, you must have the following resources to become enable to buy the rifle:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 100,000 Glimmer
  • 150 Baryon Bough
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

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The Function of Symmetry Catalyst

When the catalyst adds up to the rifle, it enhances the capability greatly. The catalyst provides the benefit of Electric Styx. which means the rifle gets a more dynamic charge. As a result, the player can have up to 20 charges. Once you have used all the 20s, the weapon will be fully reloaded again. For these reasons, players can consider Symmetry and its catalyst.Symmetry scout rifle

Ways to Find the Symmetry Catalyst

Symmetry Remastered is the quest that players need to complete to access the rifle. Once they have purchased from the Exotic kiosk, they can head to the quest received via Banshee-44. The quest contains three parts, but the objective remains the same. You have to report to Banshee-44 at the beginning and the end of the quest.

You aim to achieve 400 points which can be done via:

  • Gambit matches
  • Crucible matches
  • Strikes
  • Nightfalls

The good thing is you need to have 400 points, and hence you can pursue any activity you want in any number. This will also support increasing your light level.

There are three game modes via which you can easily achieve the 400 points objective. These are Elimination, Clash, and Rumble. There are other modes, too, such as Survival, but these modes take longer. If you have a good team, you can complete the objective in an instant.

Also, you can do Lake of Shadows, which will take you only minutes. If you have enough experience and are confident, you can try more difficult levels, which gives you better loot options.

If you do not prefer difficult levels, you can take your time and keep grinding for the catalyst. You can grind for Prospector Catalyst or Crucible-specific Catalysts.

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Upgrade the Catalyst

Once you have achieved the catalyst after completing the mentioned activities, you have to keep the catalyst updated. This is to ensure that you can achieve its maximum potential. This can be done when you kill 700 enemies using the rifle Symmetry. Also, you can do it traditionally or via Arc Seekers, every kill counts.

Also, there is a perk; if you kill using Symmetry during the 400 points activities, it will count and add to your objective of 700 kills. Thus do use Symmetry when you are grinding the quest.

You will find many better rifles if it comes to comparison. Hence Symmetry and its catalyst should be chosen by the players who are collection lovers rather than power lovers. So if you want to grind and want a rifle to your collection, go ahead for Symmetry; else, try for other powerful scout rifles.

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