Living environmental protection at Apple: One of many examples

iphone earpodsLiving environmental protection at Apple: One of many examples. Some of you, who have followed the fortunes of the iPhone maker for several years, will find that not only in the company’s balance sheet has changed. Turn Back Time: Ten years ago, Apple was regularly given bad reviews by Greenpeace in an environmental rating. But times are long gone. While we can not understand so much, we always have one thing in mind – the change in packaging.

Many years ago, when Greenpeace “scolded” Apple, Apple realized that it was possible to make a virtue out of necessity and even discovered the environmental aspect of products as a marketing tool. Whether it’s just that or the company is actually run by loud Mülltrennern, cyclists, and flyers, let’s face it. However, the company removed toxic materials from its equipment, but it also removed those metals from production that were mined by children’s hands.

Apple lives environmental protection over the packaging

But Apple also helps its customers to protect the environment. The devices consume less and less power and still provide more and more power. The batteries shrink, but something dissolves more and more in the air: the packaging.

Do you remember how a few years ago the EarPods were housed in iPhone or iPad cases? Packed in a plastic case, similar to the picture. However, if you buy a new Apple device today, then the EarPods are wrapped in cardboard. Even if, for example, you call a HomePod your own, when unpacking you will find the power cable surrounded only by a little cardboard.

Apple actually reduces the appearance of plastic in its packaging visibly, and in a relatively short time. Again, some people see this as “stinginess”. However, the alternative is missing. Should Apple enclose a metal box instead? That too would be a waste of resources. Of course, it is not clear if the company renounces it out of sheer “philanthropy”. However, the bottom line is that the environment is well-behaved that the group from Cupertino banishes more and more plastic from its products.

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