First display manufacturer makes fun of expensive pro stand of Pro Display XDR

Pro Display XDRLast week, Apple held the annual WWDC and introduced the new Mac Pro as part of the keynote. There was also a newly developed 32-inch 6K display. While this is clearly superior to most comparable displays in terms of price and, above all, technically, it was sadly criticized. Instead of pricing in the base, Apple opted for the optional sale and caused excitement. 

Apple was often already because of the price policy in the criticism. However, with the Pro Display XDR, they have themselves been put in an unfortunate position that causes criticism and ridicule. Of course, while the Mac Pro and the new 6K display focus on production companies with deep pockets, they made a curious mistake. For just under $ 5,000 buyers of the display receive only the display – without a stand. This must be ordered separately for around $ 1,000. Especially in this price range, it would have been advised that you simply make the device more expensive and attaches the Pro stand. Compared to other professional displays for film and photo, the Pro Display XDR would have been cheaper than most of the competition.

Ridicule from the community and the competition

The unusual step to a separate stand naturally took the attention of the Mac Pro and other WWDC themes away. Some scoff after the announcement that the iMac (or iMac Pro) could be delivered without feet in the future. In addition, there was also a side blow from the competition via Twitter. In a tweet, for example, MSI had compared the 34-inch display “Prestige” PS341WU with the Pro stand, since it costs just $ 300 more and even the display is included.

However, it should be said that the MSI Prestige cannot match the technology of the Pro Display XDR in the least distance and in the color fidelity as well as the resolution already draws the short. In addition, on Twitter, another user draws attention to the fact that the MSI Prestige consists almost only of cheap-looking plastic and the supplied stand has no cable management. Therefore, one can not really speak of a real alternative to the Pro Display XDR and the Pro Stand here.

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