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New Apple Pencil Patent with Touch-Sensitive Case and Eraser

Although Apple has surprised us with the advances of Apple Pencil shown in the new iPad Pro, the company is still betting on the improvements of their devices.

The US Patent and Trademark Office UU has published a patent related to the second generation Apple Pencil. The patent details a housing with a touch-sensitive surface that admits the input of intakes and an eraser.

New Apple Pencil Patent with Touch-Sensitive Case and Eraser

The patent also talks about the use of new materials for Apple Pencil and the use of the deformation feedback surface.

The changes that the Apple Pencil would have

While it is true that not all patents end up becoming the final product, they represent the beginning of important plans that Apple has in the short and medium term.

The new technology will help the Apple Pencil detect the amount of user contact applied to the electronic device. Using this input, the pen will generate an equal amount of tactile feedback.

New Apple Pencil Patent with Touch-Sensitive Case and Eraser

This feature is especially beneficial for graphic artists, as they may depend on the amount of tactile feedback received during the drawing.

Patent Apple explains that “there is a need for electronic devices and components include mechanisms sophisticated feedback to provide user feedback responsive to the physical interaction thereof with said electronic devices”.

How to write on paper

The patent describes a particular tip in the form of a brush that will have flexible bristles, simulating a brush stroke made with a brush with great precision.

New Apple Pencil Patent with Touch-Sensitive Case and Eraser


Therefore, Apple proposes a new accessory with interchangeable tips to simulate different graffiti like a marker.

The haptic feedback is also described in the patent. Making us anticipate that when we used the new Pencil we could experience the same sensation as when we wrote on paper.

This would be achieved through small vibrations that would incorporate the iPad. Something similar to what happens with the Home button on iPhone 7 and 8. Which is not really a button but perfectly simulates the pulsation when we exert pressure on it.

In the above patent, the feedback is generated by the load path, while in the last patent it is generated by measuring the direction of the force in the touch-sensitive housing.

Leaving aside the technical aspects, the latest patent reveals Apple’s plans to add a touch-sensitive housing for a sophisticated feedback mechanism and a draft tool.

The eraser is formed by an electroactive substrate that helps generate the perception of a draft in an electronic device.

However, the application must be compatible with the draft function to work. According to the patent, the electroactive substrate can be configured in such a way as to offer detection capability.

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