Best OBS Studio Alternatives for Mac and Windows

OBS Studio Alternatives

Well, as we are talking about the alternatives to OBS Studio, we should also know why we are doing this. Before that let’s now discuss OBS, which is software used for video recording and live to stream as well. In this article, we are going to talk about the Best OBS Studio Alternatives for Mac and Windows. Let’s begin!

You can also customize your screen while doing live streaming via this software. It is also available for Linux, Windows, and macOS as well. The best part is actually the software is open-source, which means anyone can make a change along with the help of source code.

Along with video recording and live streaming, then you can do minor editing. Such as applying a filter, customizing the message. Now the question arises why we actually need alternatives whenever it is doing a great job.

OBS Studio is, of course, the right choice, however, in the market, there is a lot of software developed. This software will give you better features than OBS Studio as well. You can’t rely on OBS Studio for a lifetime actually.

Best OBS Studio Alternatives for Mac and Windows

These alternatives of OBS Studio will also help you to enhance your video editing and live streaming experience better as well. As technology is updating, now you should also have to be updated to the best one. This software is actually multitasking along with video recording and live streaming you guys can also do video editing to a great extent.

We are not actually saying that OBS Studio is not suitable. It is best at its place, however, you should have alternatives to carry your work continuously. Let’s now check out the alternatives and then find the best one for you.


Elgato is actually a hardware brand, however, it comes with useful software to record audio and video as well. This name has been famous all over the world, especially among gamers actually. This useful software suite actually comes along with an attractive interface that boosts your mood. It also offers a really wide array of features to improve your live streaming experience.

OBS Studio Alternatives

Well, one of the best features is the flashback recording that enables you to record any missed part. In addition to features, Elgato permits users to add a commentary voice in live streaming. Not to mention you guys can customize video effects and control the voice parts. What’s actually the best part? This software promises high reliability and also performance for multi-purposes.

Elgato actually boasts reliable video recording at 1080p quality with 60 frames per second. It also makes no surprise that Elgato hardware and software are chosen via YouTubers and professional users. The software is also available on Windows and Mac.

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Steam | OBS Studio Alternatives

Many of you are already know about this software since it is a favorite destination of gamers. It is the best software in order to replace OBS Studio in every aspect. Along with game streaming, you can also manage the community here via communication.


You can also play a lot of games here along with your online friends as a multiplayer. There is a steam community that will also help you if you guys face any problem as well.

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Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster

There are basically two different pieces of software released via Xsplit: Broadcaster and Gamecaster. The very first mentioned has the same functions as OBS as it enables you in order to customize the screen. You can also input audio when recording the video. Gamecaster. On the other hand, also offers a simple interface that lets you stream to Twitch.

This software is notably famous among hardcore gamers since it offers a smooth and quick setup. If you guys want to enjoy live streaming or video recording along with high definition quality. Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster can also be a perfect choice. Not to mention here that it supports a lot of platforms including Facebook and YouTube. Meeting your social media followers is now getting easier with this software.

OBS Studio Alternatives

Xsplit’s software is basically free along with limited features. Using a free version, you guys will miss the transition and video editing tool, limited scenes, and also no simultaneous broadcasting. If you guys want to enjoy more features. Then simply upgrade to the premium version along with a monthly subscription. Many users say that Xsplit is better than OBS as it uses less CPU. Further, it gives 24/7 support to help answer your questions.

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Lightstream | OBS Studio Alternatives

If you guys don’t mind using a browser-based streaming platform, Lightstream can actually be a perfect choice to do audio recording and live stream. This tool claims in order to offer powerful features and use less power. This claim, in fact, can also attract many users since other software tends to consume a lot of resources on PC and graphic cards.

Another really good thing that comes along with Lightstream is that it actually works well as a good starter for broadcasters or gamers. Plus, this software is webcam friendly so you guys can throw video shows only with a webcam. Although it may also have many limitations for this option. Multi-person streaming is now another highlight to enjoy from this software.

Wherever you guys would like to stream, either YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, Lightstream can be a great live streaming partner as well. Amazingly, this software is absolutely free so you can enjoy all the features without subscribing. If you are looking for a video recording and also live streaming software for low specs PC, Lightstream can be a really good bet.

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Discord comes along with its perks as an alternative to OBS studio as well. This is also a gaming community where you guys can communicate with many other gamers and also sell your game. This basically lets you record, take screenshots, and share them in the Discord community. The best part of Discord is that it is a multiplatform service and you guys can also play it online.


The different feature of this software is that you can develop your game and also sell it to the community of discord. It is just the same as steam, however, the different feature is you can also call your added friends in order to enhance the gaming experience.

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Nvidia Shadowplay

Another app in order to enhance your live streaming experience is Nvidia Shadowplay. This software is bundled with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, so you guys might have to consider purchasing the card to enjoy the tool. The combination between hardware and software permits you to do engaging live streaming without even consuming a lot of CPU power.

Basically, Shadowplay can also stream gameplay screens only. In spite of it being a fast and excellent encoder, the stream quality is not impeccable actually. Some users report blur, especially on heavy games. Compared to other live-streaming apps, it actually lacks features like overlays for multiple sources or plugins. This tool, however, is considered a good video recorder, especially for gameplay as well.

Nvidia Shadowplay

Nvidia Shadowplay is absolutely free, provided you have Nvidia graphics cards. If you guys need a video recording and streaming tool that does not consume a lot of CPU pow. Then, this software can be a good bet. Only along with a keyboard shortcut, you can also record a few minutes of gameplay. It is also no surprise that Shadowplay has become an avid gamers’ favorite as well.

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