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The Best Chess Apps for Android and iOS

Chess Apps

We all know about chess, which is a top-rated game all over the world. It is a two-player game. However, what if we got the best chess apps for Android and iOS, then it would be more fun. Playing chess has real advantages, that is it enhances the thinking capacity, learning about strategy as well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Chess Apps for Android and iOS. Let’s begin!

Playing it offline on the chessboard may also be really difficult since you can’t play offline with the board anywhere. To solve this issue, we basically searched these best chess apps. That will take your chess to the next level without any issue. The game is played all over the globe via millions of players. Many countries also organize tournaments for chess too.

Playing it on the phone will also make it more comfortable since you can play everywhere and at any time with anyone. These top apps of chess will basically help in order to enhance your gaming experience. Playing offline takes a proper schedule since you have to arrange the pieces, however, these apps will make it more simple.

You don’t have to arrange the pieces via these apps since the apps will automatically arrange the pieces. We searched for many apps and listed below, that have different modules and interfaces. So let’s discuss and then check which will be best for you.

The Best Chess Apps for Android and iOS

Learn Chess

The best way to learn Chess is just via playing it and also even if you guys have no one else to play with. You guys have your Phone. Learn Chess is a tutorial app that basically teaches you the basic rules and positions of the pieces.

Chess Apps

This app would guide you via the basic elements of strategy, combinational moves, and also methods of opening and closing. You get puzzles in this app that you need to solve, that is essentially a random part of the game and you need to solve it via making a legal move. The puzzles progress non-linearly in order to make it challenging. And if you guys ever get stuck whenever playing, then the app offers you hints.

Download Learn Chess ( Android )

Really Bad Chess

Now, you have a decent idea of how you can play Chess both against real people and computers, it’s now time to tweak it a bit along with Really Bad Chess.

Chess Apps

Whenever you start the game, you guys are given a random board where you have the advantage over the other opponent. Such as you have 3 queens, extra Rooks, and bishops, as well. It might feel pretty weird at first, but after a few moves, the board just looks like any other regular chess game. The game becomes more difficult as your opponent has more key players than you actually. Like the computer may also have 2 queens, while you guys have just one. Don’t worry you can still win, since the AI is not getting any smarter, it just has extra key players than you.

Overall, what I like about the game is that it helps you to break the stigma of regular chess. In a regular chess game, if one memorizes the opening and pattern, it’s pretty easy to beat your opponent. Real bad chess, on the other hand, demands a far better understanding of the game as well.

Android iOS


If you guys like everything open source, Lichess is the Chess game for you as well. Lichess is basically an online Chess app along with which you guys can against opponents online. The community is actually ever-growing along with almost 150,000 users that are playing with each other. You guys can either play against AI or also an internet opponent


There are also a few variants of Chess available both online as well as offline: Chess 960, Classical, Crazyhouse, King of the Hill, as well. You guys can find, and challenge players online for an instant game. Your stats are actually built with every game and you can also see your growth. It’s completely open-source and ad-free also.

Android | iOS

Chess – Play & Learn

Whenever you gain a little confidence with Learn Chess and are ready to play along with real players. Then move to this app and play against folks online with this app. Chess is a really simple Chess app that basically lets you play against your Phone along with a varying difficulty level. If you don’t want to play against something written on set rules. Then you can go online and play with other users or even your friends and compete in tournaments as well.



You guys can chat with other players whenever playing online other than that you can solve puzzles. If you’re looking to improve your skills and it also automatically adjusts the difficulty based on your performance as well. The best thing about going online is that the app matches you along with people of your own ability via adjusting your skill rating. You can also watch interactive tutorials from grandmasters and learn valuable lessons as well.

Android | iOS

Chess Clock | Chess Apps

Chess is basically a game of strategy and patience and some sessions last more than 6 hours in official tournaments. This can get boring whenever you’re not competing for a grandmaster title. Chess clock (another app from is basically a Chess timer app that lets you run a timer for each and every player. You need to make a move quickly and tap on the button on the clock to stop your timer and start your opponent’s. This basically adds a challenge to the game and keeps you on your feet. But, you have to play the actual game on another Phone or a Chessboard.

Chess Apps

There are actually a few different modes 1m, 1m+ 1 second, 5m, 5m+ 5 seconds, as well. You can play in Blitz modus as well as Fischer Modus. Different Themes are also available and you can create your own themes as well.

Android | iOS

Play Magnus

Well, based on Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion in Chess, this app basically lets you challenge a digital version of Magnus Carlsen – chess world champion. You guys play against a Chess Engine that is specifically tuned to play such as Carlsen. You can also play and qualify to actually play against the World Champion himself.

Play Magnus

The game now features only one player option, however, you can also expect multiplayer support in the future.

Android iOS

iChess | Chess Apps

Chess is basically an app that doesn’t really comprise an actual game mode to play neither with a real opponent nor with AL. But, this app will train you goos whenever it comes to playing chess. It basically comprises multiple challenges which you can also learn and overcome.

It’s a really great app since you don’t have to waste a lot of time practicing your chess skills. Rather, all you can do is pick a challenge and then solve it.



Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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