One Of The Best Features Of Galaxy Note 10+ Will Soon Be Compatible With A Mid-Range Samsung Phone

Yes, it’s true, one of the best features of Galaxy Note 10+ will soon be compatible with a mid-range Samsung phone. There are some reasons why the regular Galaxy Note 10 does not exactly justify its existence. And why you should probably try to get the larger model (if you can allow it), but it turns out that one of the unique features of Note 10+ that help it stand out from his little brother who may not stay that long.

We are talking about the so-called “Super-Fast Charging” support. As it apparently will expand in the not too distant future to … Galaxy A91. If you somehow expected Samsung to miraculously add 45 watts to the 6.3-inch Note 10 after launch. We’re sorry to inform you that it’s unlikely to happen. But while the Note 10, the Note 10 5G, the S10 5G, the A90 5G, the A80, the A70. And the Book S laptop is virtually guaranteed with a fast recharge capacity of 25 W. Samsung Hungary suggests that the A91 will join the Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G to support incredible 45W speeds.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+.

Clearly “suggestion” is a bit underestimated here. But as the company’s 45W regional travel adapter website directly lists the unpublished A91 as compatible with that charger. Confusingly enough, the $49.99 super USB-C charging brick is connected to the official Samsung website in the US with lists for Note 10 and Note 10+.

It’s probably a mistake, but we’re pretty sure that a mid-range Galaxy A91 with support for an ultra-fast 45 W charge is coming. After all, recent rumors have already painted this unimportant beast as an impressive image in terms of image capacity. And with a four-camera configuration presumably composed of a primary sensor 108, yes, 108MP, a 16MP wide-angle lens. A telephoto lens 12 MP equipped with 5x optical zoom feature and a modern camera for flight time.

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Unfortunately, the rest of the specs and features are kept secret for the moment. But despite the fact that the A91 should be part of Samsung’s Galaxy A 2020 line. An official announcement by the end of the year is very much pending. cards It is also likely that a Galaxy A90 with 5G capacity will be released in the fall this fall. But it is interesting to note that its load capacities are limited to 25 watts. Probably to save costs and not get too close to the Note 10 as far as at retail prices. The same can probably be said of why the A91 is unlikely to include 5G support.

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