Phone terror on the iPhone: How iOS 13 protects against spam calls

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Phone terror on the iPhone: How iOS 13 protects against spam calls. Perhaps during the opening presentation of the Worldwide Developers Conference last week, you may already have noticed that the upcoming iOS 13 will give you a few more ways to kill spammers in the fall. Fans like to think that you have long wanted this feature.

Some fans cannot believe their luck. For many years, Apple users complain about unloved spam calls on the iPhone. With the upcoming iOS 13 it will be easier to become this gentleman.

Let spam callers run

How good, if artificial intelligence in the future thinks a bit. In iOS 13, there is a new setting that will significantly better help against spam calls. When you turn it on, phone numbers that Siri does not explicitly know from your phone book, from your messages or emails are not even delivered to you.

Unbidden callers have a harder time

Are we honest? Many of us do not even answer the phone if you do not know the number shown on the display. And if he or she wants something, then they should just leave a message. This dream comes true with iOS 13 in the future.

So you will not be disturbed by uninvited callers in the future. If a phone number is not in your contacts, emails, or messages, the caller will be directed to the mailbox immediately. You get from it at the most with hindsight something with. That is if the operating system informs you that XY has called and left a message (k).

WWDC 2019: Many news

If you followed Apple’s opening presentation on WWDC 2019, you’ll certainly agree that the company has introduced quite a few innovations, including the new Mac Pro.

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