Pixel 3a owners are experiencing random Shutdown of the device.

Google’s mid-run Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL cell phones have just been available two or three weeks and a few users are now whining of arbitrary shutdowns.

Those influenced have been posting subtleties of the issue on various online gatherings, however, at this stage, the exact cause is a long way from clear. It’s additionally difficult to decide what number of the new handsets are enduring with the issue.

Pixel 3a

Reports recommend that after the telephone closes down, users need to play out a hard reset by holding down the power button for as long as 30 seconds to make it work once more, however it doesn’t really keep further shutdowns from happening.

In a Reddit post, one proprietor portrayed it as a “peculiar issue” that might be linked to Wi-Fi.

“At whatever point I interface with my work Wi-Fi and let the telephone sit for ~10 minutes it will require a reboot,” the proprietor wrote in the post. “It will do the typical lock and after that after some time just shut down, expecting me to hold the power button for ~30 seconds to restart it.”

The proprietor proceeded: “Generally when I’m associated with my home Wi-Fi it won’t copy this despite the fact that it has smashed more than once now at home in the 5 days I have had it. Leaving the telephone with Wi-Fi off appears to avert the smashing all together.”

Another person speculated the issue may be caused by an outsider app, yet in the wake of running the gadget in protected mode, an apparently irregular shutdown still happened.

Another discussion notice said three shutdowns happened in a solitary day, while somebody encountered two shutdowns over the course of about five days.

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Google is yet to freely acknowledge the issue. We’ve contacted the organization to discover what it needs to state and will update if we hear back.

This isn’t the first run through Google has encountered issues with its Pixel handsets. Simply a week ago, the organization consented to settle a legal claim brought against it over an issue that influenced the first Pixel telephone, which propelled in 2016. The flaw influenced the gadget’s amplifier, and keeping in mind that Google acknowledged the issue at the time, it kept on selling the handset and fair out supplanting with the very same deficiency. The settlement implies a few proprietors could get a payout of $500.

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