This video shows us the iPhone XI in all its splendor

Over the last few months, we have been seeing all kinds of design concepts of the iPhone models of 2019 circulate on the web. We have seen the popularly known as iPhone XI (iPhone 11) with very bizarre designs, especially in reference to the system of the camera with three lenses.

We have also seen another concept in which the triple camera was upright, and we have even seen an iPhone XI in the style of the iPad Pro. Now, we look to the YouTube channel of Concept Creator to contemplate a new possible video design.

iPhone XI

New design concept of iPhone XI

It is very likely that Apple follows the tactic of maintaining the same design for the third year in a row that will follow the line of the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. Although, as always, with some other retouching here and there.

It is one of the most realistic designs according to rumors, with a triple chamber system with a square protrusion, with the notch on the front of the screen and the stainless steel side bezels.

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It is rumored that the new models of the iPhone line 2019 will have a battery with reversible charge. That is, a battery capable of charging the battery of other devices such as an iPhone or even AirPods. In addition, the iPhone XI will have an Apple A13 chip and a thickness slightly higher than the current models. It is speculated that its front camera will have 12 MP and, as we mentioned previously, the rear camera could have a system of three lenses. As for the design of it, it is still a mystery.

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