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Procedure To Find Bastions in Minecraft

Do you want to find Bastions in Minecraft? Minecraft is an advanced survival game that acquires a reputation for its imaginative and creative style. You can also create several kinds of structures or move on an adventure. However, the option is fully up to you. Minecraft launches daily updates that add the latest features to the game. But also it makes it difficult for you to keep a record of all the modifications. If you don’t know about Bastioins in Minecraft then you are landed in the right place. Come let’s take a look at how can you find Bastions in Minecraft.

Find Bastion Remanents in Minecraft

Bastions are huge structures in Nether areas in Minecraft that are the source of Hoglins, Piglins, Piglin Brutes, music disc, Magma cube spawner, and snout banners. They can also be found on all nether besides in Basalt deltas.

If you want to find Bastions, head over to the nether areas first and then begin looking for the following biomes.

  • Crimson Forest
  • Nether Wastes
  • Soul Sand Valley
  • Warped Forest

After entering to the biome, you find a big Bastion structure in it. If not, then just view around and explore a bit and you should trip on to it.

Note: Bastions can’t found in already explored biomes so remember you visit a new one or an unexplored one to find one.

Finding Bastion takes too long? Is there any alternative way to find a Bastion

Yeah, there is a cheat that helps you to find Bastion. If you want to use this cheat you want to have cheats turned on in your game.


Step 1:

Head over to the Console in Minecraft using the ‘`’ key below the Esc key on your keyboard.

Step 2:

When the console is up, input in the following command.

/locate Bastion Remnant

Step 3:

Now press the enter key and the game will automatically show the coordinates for the closer Bastion Remnant to you.

Step 4:

Just tap on the coordinates and the game will automatically redirect you to the closer Bastion Remnant.

Step 5:

You should discover Bastian in your location very easily. There is no alternative way of exploring a Bastion near you if cheats are turned off for the current game. You want to first look for a supportive biome and then look for the Bastian in it.


Here’s all about “Find Bastions in Minecraft”. I hope this article helped you to find a Bastion in Minecraft. If you have any queries and questions then let us know in the comments section below.

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