Qualcomm wins one of the patent lawsuits against Apple

Although we recently informed you that Apple had managed to win one of its lawsuits against Qualcomm, at least provisionally, the truth is that there are still many open fronts in this complex legal dispute. The trial that the company of the bitten apple would have managed to win “only” was a dispute that the company had initiated for the tariffs that Qualcomm imposed on them for the use of their patents. A battle won within a war.

Now, according to MacRumorsAmerican justice has returned the blow with a new verdict. In this case, in the context of one of its disputes related to the patent infringement of Qualcomm by Apple, the second has been found guilty. It is not yet known what the sentence will be, but it seems that the testimony that one of his ex-employees did a few days ago at the time of changing the opinion of the jury has served them little.


Now, it is very likely that Apple will try to appeal the decision of the jury, so we will have to wait to know the final result. And, of course, from the company have not hesitated to respond to this fact, indicating that it is a distraction manoeuvre Qualcomm of other legal problems they have today. All patent infringement claims would be a smokescreen for your legal problems related to your business practices.

As consumers, the truth is that we would benefit enough that both companies leave behind these clashes and dedicate themselves to innovate together again, especially now that we are on the verge of the arrival of the 5G. However, it seems that there is still no way to put the companies in agreement, and the thing could take quite some time. Just remember the confrontation that Apple had with Samsung to realize how slow these processes can be.

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