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Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform or Cross Play Platform

Risk of Rain

Whenever it comes to roguelike third-person shooter video games, then the Risk of Rain 2 is one of them. The 2019’s game has been developed via Hopoo Games and published through Gearbox Publishing. It’s a sequel to the Risk of Rain (2013) and also available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One platforms as well. Now, if you’re thinking about whether the Rain of Rain 2 supports Cross-Platform/Cross-Play or not, then check out this article. In this article, we are going to talk about Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform or Cross Play Platform. Let’s begin!

Starting off, it’s basically an online multiplayer third-person shooter video game and players can also control the game character to fight & survive on the planet as well. There your character will fight along with enemies, you have to search for looting items, and try to survive till the end as well. It’s also worth mentioning that more than 4 players can in multiplayer mode (co-op) in the game as well. However, what about the cross-platform compatibility? Well, let’s now take a brief look below.

Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform or Cross-Play Platform

So, the straightforward answer is a big NO. Risk of Rain 2 isn’t compatible along with the cross-platform or cross-play right now. Although we can also expect that Hoppo Games will consider it in the near future and we will see the cross-platform support for this title as well.

But, there is no official announcement available yet from the developers and we may also have to wait further. The cross-platform or cross-play feature permits players to easily play along with any of their friends or opponents without even any platform limitation. Such as if you guys are a PC player then you can also play either solo mode or multiplayer mode with the other PC players only right now.

But with the help of a cross-platform feature, even if you’re a PC user, you can easily play along with Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch users in the game. It increases the limit of player groups among all platforms and also the perfect gameplay level as well.

However, it actually seems that as the multiplayer mode only offers more than four team members in the game. Maybe the cross-platform feature won’t really become fruitful for everyone as of now. However, who knows what will happen next?


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