Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max: the drop test

Just a few weeks ago Samsung presented it’s brand new Galaxy Note 10, the largest terminal in the Galaxy family. It is a device with the latest from the Korean company that also boasts resistance thanks to the incorporation of Gorilla Glass 6 both in the front and in the back of the device.

PhoneBuff has faced it with the iPhone XS Max in a drop resistance test and both devices have been seriously damaged. However, it seems that the damage suffered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 allows it to continue operating with relative normality, something that does not happen with the Apple device.

The test that nobody wants to suffer

This fall test consists of several phases, first, the devices are thrown with the backside down, then they are allowed to fall on a corner and finally they are tested after a fall with the screen down. In these three tests, they show very similar results in both terminals, although the iPhone is the winner when it suffers less damage.

However, at the end of the video, another test is carried out, consisting of 10 consecutive falls, and in this case, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 seems to resist better as it continues to work perfectly. With a total possible score of 40 points, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 reached 37 exceeding 34 of the iPhone XS Max.

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When Apple announced the iPhone XS and XS Max announced that the devices had “the toughest glass in the world on a smartphone.” Apple never says it publicly, but we know that its relationship with Corning is important and it is believed that the iPhone XS and XS Max also have Gorilla Glass 6.

In addition to all this, the imminent iPhone 11 is expected to have an even stronger glass as reported by the latest rumors, we will have to wait a few weeks to check.

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