Samsung  Galaxy Note 10

Samsung  Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have a stainless-steel frame

Samsung figured out how to incite some confusion the other day when a video uploaded to its own YouTube channel. It was mentioned in the video that the Galaxy Note 10 was made from stainless steel. “Stainless steel and glass meld seamlessly to minimize bezel,” says the video’s narrator.

Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus

Wait, what?

The company never mentioned anything about switching from aluminum to steel during press briefings — nor was it brought up onstage during this week’s Unpacked event. Why would Samsung upgrade to a new material and not tell anyone?


Samsung has now confirmed to The Verge that the Note 10’s frame is made from aluminum, just like the company’s other flagships in recent years. It’s odd that such an erroneous voiceover made it into a promotional video. How was it even part of the script? Maybe at one point Samsung was thinking about upgrading the Note 10 to stainless steel a la the iPhone X and XS. But nope.

The mistake even made it onto Samsung’s website,as Sam Mobile points out, with the Note 10’s design page originally reading “high-polish stainless steel” before someone changed it to “high-polish metal.” Whoops.

This morning, Samsung  reuploaded the “Cosmic system Note 10 presentation video” — with no notice of treated steel at all.

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Other things Samsung didn’t mention on stage Event:

  • Why it disposed of the earphone jack on the Note 10. Apple’s “courage” explanation didn’t go over very well, so maybe it’s best to just avoid the subject under the stage lights.
  • The aforementioned Galaxy Home.
  • An exact release date for the Galaxy Fold.
  • “Android.”

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