Samsung Galaxy S And Galaxy Note Lines Might Merge Next Year

Every year Samsung announces a series of flagships of the Galaxy-S brand in February or March and a next-generation Galaxy Note (or two) at an event in August. But if a new entry is created, this practice may end soon.

The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups might become one

Earlier this year, during a press conference for the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung openly admitted its doubts about the Galaxy S11 brand because it was “too long” and revealed that next year’s models probably won’t wear names.

The company also said it could be a good time to unify the brand, a comment that came only seven months after Samsung had internal discussions about the possible merger of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines at some point in the future.

Now, Evan Blass has shared a rumor that comes directly from a solid source which suggests that these discussions are still ongoing. And if the company goes ahead with the plan, everything could happen next year.

How could the drastic change be implemented?

Samsung Galaxy S And Galaxy Note Lines Might Merge Next Year

During the early years of Galaxy Note and Galaxy S, there was a clear distinction between the two. However, since the arrival of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 alignments in 2016. The differences have been reduced and the overlap has increased considerably. Many have even claimed that the recent Galaxy Note devices are simply Galaxy S models with an S Pen. And appears that Samsung now recognizes it.

Of course, at the moment there is no guarantee, Samsung will give the green light to the plans, everything is still very fluid and temporary at this stage, but it is possible that the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note line merge into a single range of devices called “Galaxy One” that would have arrived at the beginning of 2020 instead of the Galaxy S11. However, if the next year is considered too early for the change, the company could still delay the change for another twelve months.

If approved, the new Samsung line will essentially represent an “S series with an S Pen”. At this stage, it is unclear whether the stylus would be present in all models. Or whether it can also be reserve for slightly larger and more expensive devices within the planes. But independently, this strategy would leave a large gap in Samsung’s annual launch timeline.

Samsung to replace the launch of the Galaxy Note with a folding flagship

According to the source, the hope within Samsung is to fill the unoccupied launch site for the Galaxy Note series with a successor to the Galaxy Fold. This idea largely depends on the performance of the Galaxy Fold of the current generation. Both in terms of sales and functionality, and could still be discarded. But it is certainly a clear indicator of Samsung’s vision for the future.

The second-gen Galaxy Fold will feature a 6.7-inch flexible OLED screen. It features a small hole for the selfie camera. And folds vertically like the next Motorola Razr instead of horizontally like the original. This particular model should be thinner, more compact and noticeably cheaper than the current generation Galaxy Fold. However, it should appeal to buyers who are more interested in fashion and luxury than tech.

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It is not clear if Samsung is planning another folding device, but could choose to create a second mode. It directly replaces this year’s Galaxy Fold. The Seoul-based company in this way could turn to two groups of consumers. Those looking for something smaller. And those looking for an experience similar to a tablet that can fit in a pocket.

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