Samsung W2018: Bringing The Flip Back

A few years back everyone wanted to have flip mobile and slide. As seen in the old movie having a flip mobile was also considered unusual. However, with passing time, the smartphones were created. Also, the flip phones were old fashion and were not manufactured more. The big smartphone company, Samsung announced flip devices again for its users in China. The method is called the Samsung W2018.

Besides its is a luxury device and has specs such as S 8 and note eight. With there W2018 Samsung is celebrating there 10th anniversary of w series. People who prefer luxury mobile should switch to W2018. However, it is best for those who prefer to flip.

Samsung W2018: Bringing The Flip Back

The flip is very commonly used among Asians. As know these are very costly. It, not so popular among other countries.

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Made up of premium material

  • It has 4.2-inch full HD AMOLED front display
  • 4.2-inch full HD inner display
  • 2300 mAh battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor
  • 12MP and 5MP cameras
  • 6GB RAM with 64/256GB storage
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Display

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Moreover, we know this premium mobile and comes in Gold and Platinum. It contains a voice assistant which is used by clicking the button for Samsung  AI Bixby. Although, it includes a fingerprint mounted on the back with a rear camera. The excellent feature of this mobile is the camera. Likewise, it is 12 MP with f/1.5. This camera captures a great low light picture.  Moreover, It gives special premium services. ,

  • Special hotline for VIP’s
  • Technical support
  • Special services at the airport and subways

Price And Release Date

It was expected to have a price of 3000-3500$. It was released in China. If the customer has a love for old flip phones, they should buy it. So if some customer loves to have flip this, they can buy this premium luxury mobile. To check out more features click on the link below



We can conclude that the new Samsung mobile is a premium smartphone. It has a lot of premium features. A suitable resolution camera, great display, and a good processor and premium design. Though his smartphone cost a lot, this smartphone is impressive. Gold color and a personal assistant that’s all a premium user want. So if someone loves a premium mobile, he can purchase it and enjoy it.


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