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This Invisible Android Spy App Works With Every Android Phone

New android phones are introduced daily. So it’s getting hard to develop an Andriod spyware app that works on every smartphone in the android market. These days android handset face many problems with the spying app. Samsung app won’t work correctly on Huawei’s phone. Same as the LG app won’t work on the HTC smartphone.

This clashing of spy apps with different handsets caused most apps to be removed. So only a few apps are left for users to use from for android phones. Xnspy is best among these apps for monitoring the android has several features.

Compatibility of this Spy App

Hundred of apps are available for users to download. As we know that android is freeware and many new companies are making new smartphones that use android. So to create a universal app for all mobile is difficult for developers.

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So, now we don’t see an app that is compatible with all android in the market. In such a case, the developer makes available for a small range of android. Or the user is asked to root there mobile. This app work on all android such as

  • LG
  • OPPO

The main advantage of this app is user don’t need to root the phone. Even the phone is rooted, the app still works.


Samsung creates this spying app. It’s effortless to install in android smartphones. Similarly, it takes only 5 minutes to install. And the user only has to follow a few steps. It’s not available on google play store. So to download this use this link

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To use this, the first user has to register. The user gets an email on a registered email. When the user opens his email,

  • it contains download link,
  • logs in details
  • instructions

Likewise, now the user needs to open this download link on his mobile. Install the app after is invisible, so no one can monitor when it’s installed.

Feature Of Spying App

The LG spying app has many features, Some feature is

Call Monitoring Feature

This app offers a variety of ways to monitor calls. Moreover, it has a function to record an incoming and outgoing call. These recorded calls are uploaded to the user account. Furthermore, the user can listen to them anytime they want. Sometimes, a person doesn’t have time to hear every appeal. So the call history is available for the user to monitor. This app includes time, date, duration of the request.

Social Media Messenger Spying App

The user uses different apps to connect to social media to post about there daily activities. These days the most used apps are facebook and WhatsApp. They are used more than the other apps in the google play store. By use of such apps, communication is easy and fast.

The HTC spying app lets the user monitor all social media apps. The user can see all the chats. Other apps that can be controlled are

  • facebook
  • skype
  • tinder
  • Instagram

To monitor these apps use the spying app .


Its best app for spying. Help user track there call records. Moreover, This is a handy feature of this app for users. Furthermore, user can also monitor their social media. Messages can be stored and read later. Additionally, this helps the user have full control over there smartphones. Just by installing, this app user can control all there smartphones.

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