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Six New Emoji’s arrive on the iPhone; Learn what they Mean

Apple’s update to the iOS 12.1 system has released six new faces for iPhone and iPad users: Woozy Face, Smiling Face With 3 Hearts, Pleading Face, Cold, Hot, and Partying Face. The set is part of the package with more than 70 emojis, which also offers figurines with variations of gender, skin tone and hair type, as well as animals and objects. The release was made Oct. 30 and the latest version of the operating system can now be installed on devices – see how to do the procedure.

One of the emoji left some intrigued users, the Woozy Face, with one eye open and one closed, under a drooping eyebrow, and a crooked mouth. In recent weeks, questions about the figurine have been posted on Twitter. However, the question became a hobby with funny guesses on the subject that yielded more than 1,9 thousand responses in the social network. Even the American actor Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”, entered the game and raised the possibility of the guy suffering from gas. To know the meanings of the new smileys, check out the list below, prepared by AppleForCast.

Six New Emoji's arrive on the iPhone; Learn what they Mean

1. Woozy Face

According to the definition of Emojipedia, the Woozy Face (face of dizzy) is a face that can demonstrate signs of being tired, sentimental, or simply drunk. The versatility of this emoji caused confusion in some users, who used Twitter to question the meaning. In jest, the card was compared to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and American rapper Azealia Banks.

Woozy Face

2. Smiling Face With 3 Hearts

The smiling face with three hearts is another alternative for lovers, along with the collection of passionate figurines, like the emoji blowing a kiss and the one with eyes of the heart. The novelty features pink cheeks and floating hearts all around. Incidentally, the number of little hearts may vary by platform. On Samsung cell phones, there are four, for example.


3. Pleading Face

With a pleading look capable, similar to the Jack of Boots of the franchise “Shrek”, the Pleading Face is also called “puppy eyes”. The idea of ​​the image is to move the recipient and is worth being sent when there are urgent requests to make. This is the fifth emoji with Twitter engagement of Emojipedia in the first week of release.

Pleading Face

4. Cold Face

Cold Face is the coolest expression of this update, with ice chunks hanging. With it, the user can refer to very low temperatures or still, to demonstrate that “it entered a cold”, that is, it went wrong. The smiley did not have so much popularity and so, was out of the top 10 of engagement of Emojipedia.

Cold Face

5. Hot Face

Unlike Cold Face, the Hot Face expresses a “blazing” face, tongue out and orange, as if it were sore because of high temperatures. The new emoji has everything to become a success in the Brazilian summer, when the thermometers can mark 40ºC. However, it is also open to other interpretations.

hot face

6. Partying Face

With a hat, mother tongue and a shower of confetti, Partying Face is ready to celebrate joyous and happy events – for example, World Emoji Day. Despite the animation, the smiley was the least popular of the six iOS 12.1 releases, in the engagement ranking performed by Emojipedia, in its official Twitter account.

Partying Face

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