Smooth 4: the best way to record videos on your iPhone

This time we will analyze in depth the image stabilizer or Smooth 4 gimbal of the company Zhiyun. It is a stabilizer specially designed for smartphones. Its function, mainly, is to counteract the movement of our wrist to record fixed or moving videos with much greater stability.

Zhiyun is a manufacturer of photography accessories specialized in stabilizers and they have a wide range of products available. In fact, it is one of the most reliable companies in the sector, so this gimbal for iPhone is highly recommended.

The Smooth 4 gimbal has a large number of video recording modes, filters to give a creative touch to the images and all kinds of features. But the best of all is that it is extremely easy to use and connect to your iPhone.

Gimbal Smooth 4 by Zhiyun

This gimbal has a mechanism with three motors for each of its three axes which means that no matter how much you move your arm, your wrist or your hand, the images of your video have very balanced stability. Your official application will provide you with additional improvements such as a timelapse mode with movement, filters for your videos and even a vertical mode for your iPhone.

Smooth 4

Its design is spectacular, very elegant and ergonomic. Despite being such a large stabilizer, it is designed not to weigh much and to be able to capture videos for a long period of time. On its front panel, it has buttons to capture photos, record video, navigate through the menus and a thread to focus and zoom. On the other hand, it also has a LED indicator for the battery and two buttons on the back to switch between PhoneGo mode and other functions.

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The Smooth 4 gimbal also has a series of threads to adjust and balance the iPhone. In addition, its clamp has a rubber surface to avoid damaging your smartphone. And it has a built-in tripod so you can fully enjoy its time-lapse, motion lapse, hyperlapse or object tracking functions.

Buy Smooth 4 stabilizer

Smooth 4

The Smooth 4 stabilizer box also includes a mini tripod and a USB charging cable. You can purchase this gimbal for smartphones through the following purchase button that we attach below.

Price: $119

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