This concept of macOS brings us great ideas that Apple should copy

Whenever new concepts appear the iPhone, iPad or iOS are the ones that take the looks but it will not be like that in this case. Today we bring you a great concept of what could be macOS 10.15, a version that we know will separate iTunes as new apps.

The operating system of the Mac takes several years without an important redesign and in this concept, we find very interesting news when using the computer, especially the trackpad of the MacBook. If you use an iPad it is often sure that you are familiar.

concept of macOS

A concept of macOS with iPad ideas

One of the most interesting things about this concept of macOS is the possibility of using several applications at once in very different but really useful ways. Similar to Split View on the iPad, we could have 4 apps at a time and drag anything between them.

Another very interesting idea is that of Slide Over, another idea inherited from iOS on the iPad that allows you to have an application hidden on one side and put it on the main screen in a matter of seconds, just by sliding from the side.

These are ideas that currently exist in iOS but could be applied to macOS very easily. In addition, this would give continuity between the operating systems of Apple that would please many users. Unfortunately, it does not seem that this will happen soon.

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We have not had many rumors about a major renovation of macOS, a system that has not evolved for a long time. We do not know if this year at WWDC 2019 we will see important developments in the theoretical macOS 10.15 or if everything will focus on iOS 13. Apple has enough people and money, so let’s hope they surprise us with two important updates.

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