T-Mobile Note 4 5.1.1 Root Status Official

After Sprint, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 got Android 5.1.1 update today, be that as it may, it arrived in a truly bizarre manner. To start with, this isn’t an OTA, which is in reality bravo people who are hoping to get it rooted, yet the genuine concern is the model number it’s proposed towards “N910T3”.

Apparently, N910T3 is one of the equipment updates of the first N910T variation. The firmware is for the T-Mobile Note 4, there’s no uncertainty about that yet we aren’t yet certain about this works fine on the N910T variation.

T-Mobile Note 4

Anyway, we know Sprint discharged the Note 4 5.1.1 firmware yesterday and the T-Mobile Note 4 5.1.1 form ought to be like it generally, which means it’ll break Cf-Auto-Root and all other known root methods for the device known up until this point. Additionally, it’ll likewise overhaul the bootloader on the device with no fallback choice to return to the previous 5.0.2 bootloader.

The best way to get root access on Note 4 5.1.1 update is by means of the custom bit with root prepared in and SELinux set to lenient. I surmise that is reason Cf-Auto-Root doesn’t work any longer as it attempts to keep SELinux set to upholding mode to keep its security benefits.

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A custom portion with root isn’t accessible for this OFC firmware for the T-Mobile Note 4 yet, however, if this firmware works fine for the N910T variation then expect root access to be accessible in the following couple of days.

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