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Telegram Exponentially Improves User Privacy

When I want to write an article about WhatsApp or Telegram, I want to tell everyone that the second one is infinitely better than the first and yet it is not the most used, at least in here. I do not know what the reason will be but I hope that the last step taken by the Russians, improving the privacy of the users will settle the balance.

Telegram’s Privacy Almost Complete

It has been six years since the messages we sent through Telegram have been encrypted from point to point. A great step for the privacy of the user. However, there was still a long way to go and the administrators did not want to stop.

Telegram Exponentially Improves User Privacy

Subsequently came the possibility of eliminating the messages we had sent, the chats that were self-destructed, cancellation of mailings, anonymous chats … Endless possibilities with the only goal of taking care of the users of this instant messaging network.

Now, Telegram surprises us with other possibilities in order to move towards almost absolute privacy.

  • Any private conversation that has been had, sent or received, can be eliminated, independently of the time that has passed since that chat was maintained.
  • We can unlink any message received at any time without a time limit.
  • The possibilities of resending messages are restrictedIn this way, if we send a message and the configuration is correct, the people who receive the message will never know who sent it to them.
  • We can also do something similar to the above to maintain the privacy of our profile image.

Privacy should matter more to you than you think

Privacy should matter more to you than you think

You may be one of those people that privacy does not seem overly important until you see your name, personal images, circulating through social networks and you can not do anything to avoid it and also to know how it started.

Better safe than sorry, and I sincerely believe that companies can not treat our most intimate data as if they exchanged currencies. Therefore, Telegram has taken a giant step in favor of privacy, but also in favor of more committed users, we are not seriously considering leaving WhatsApp, even if it costs us to be “disconnected from the world”.

Privacy in the virtual world is just as important as in the physical world.

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