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The Apple Card will be Activated in a Similar way to other Apple Products

The new credit card from Apple will be activated in the same way as AirPods and HomePad, that is, through pairing.

Just a few days ago, during the ‘ It’s Show Time ‘ event of Apple, the company made a series of very interesting announcements, among them, perhaps one of the most innovative and expected was the launch of the new Apple Card, card of credit that will allow payments with the iPhone.

The Apple Card will be Activated in a Similar way to other Apple Products

How Does It Work?

According to the source, when the user obtains the physical card, the titanium one, he can activate it by performing the pairing with the iPhone.

A process that will occur from the moment when the user swipes the card on the iPhone screen in the direction from bottom to top. Upon detection, a card that is being removed from the package will be displayed as an animation.

Then, from this, we will find a button that when pressed will perform the action of activating the card quickly and without any additional process.

A New Payment System

As we know, the new Apple Card – known locally as ‘ Broadway ‘ – will be available in the Wallet app, will work in all businesses that accept Apple Pay as a form of payment, and will also guarantee security and privacy.

Two super important factors when making any purchase, and that, besides arriving as a novel and worthy system of Apple, the company will remain so hidden and protected all the movements we make with Apple Card, a claim that has been the most highlighted by the Cupertino company.

And, Apple says it will not show the purchases we made, or where, much less the expense that generated us, because it will take care of the data of users and will not do business with them.

Additional Characteristics

Finally, it was announced that the company will return the 2% of the money spent with Apple Card. A point in favor of buyers, and without a doubt will be one of the biggest attractions.

Now we just have to wait for the company to launch a full version of this pairing system since until now it is in a beta version.

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