The 2019 iPhone could charge devices wirelessly

If anything we have learned from Apple during all these years is that they only implement a new technology when it is sure that it can work well, leaving aside possible problems arising after updating the software of the device. A clear example of this is found in wireless charging. While Android smartphones is a feature that has for years used (see case Samsung), he did not get the iPhone until last 2017 with 8, 8 and X Plus.

This technology allows recharging the battery of a smartphone or Qi compatible product without cables, leaving it on top of a wireless charging base, but, rather, the appropriate name should be charged by induction.

iPhone wireless charging

It seems that Apple intends to go further by making the iPhone not only able to receive power, but also transmit it to other devices or accessories.

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The 2019 iPhone as wireless power banks

There are still a few months left to see the 2019 iPhones. Most likely, they do not show up until September. However, that is not a problem for rumors to arise about possible features and new functions that will make us drool over them. The latest one ensures that Apple’s upcoming smartphones will be able to recharge the battery of other devices wirelessly.

It has been the Japanese medium MacOtakara that has shared the information received, supposedly, from sources close to the suppliers of components of the company as well as the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The main wearable that would benefit from this is the Apple Watch along with the new AirPods that, finally, incorporate the wireless charging case.

Apple, on this occasion, is not a pioneer in this concept. Samsung already allows to do it with their latest smartphones and their new wireless Bluetooth headphones, the Galaxy Buds. However, it would be a nice addition to the new generation of iPhone that many of us would like to see.


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