The 2020 iPhone could have “Acoustic Touch ID” on the entire screen and 5G according to a new report

Although there are still about 4 months to get to know the new iPhone this year there are already analysts thinking about what will come in 2020. It is true that the design of the three new iPhone this year seems completely confirmed, however, it may seem a bit early to Know what Apple is preparing for 2020.

Still, Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis has issued a note informing about Apple’s plans for their iPhone next year as just reflected MacRumors. This report details many aspects of this year’s iPhone that we already knew, we talk about the new iPhone SE and speculate about the possibility that the 2020 iPhone will use Touch ID again.

The 2020 iPhone

Goodbye to the notch thanks to Touch ID?

When Apple presented Face ID, it did so as a technology that replaced Touch ID, improving it in almost all aspects. I do not have much confidence that Apple will go back, but you never know, at least it is what this new information reflects.

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These are the highlights of the Barclays analysis:

  • The three new iPhone 2019 will not have great news apart from the arrival of new sensors to the rear cameras.
  • 3D Touch will be removed from the iPhone of 2019 thanks to an improvement of Haptic Touch, the iPhone XR system.
  • The next generation iPhone XR will have 4 GB of RAM instead of the current 3.
  • LG can become a secondary distributor of OLED panels in the iPhone of 2019, it would handle 10-30 percent of the orders, the rest would be handled by Samsung.
  • Some providers see potential “iPhone SE 2” with internal components of the iPhone 8 at the beginning of 2020, but others were not aware.
  • The iPhones of 2020 will have more significant changes, including 5G technology, 3D detection through a new rear camera system and full-screen acoustic Touch ID technology on the iPhone.

Many of these rumors we had already heard, however, I doubt enough that Apple will replace Face ID with Touch ID in the iPhone within a year. I see much more likely that Face ID continues to expand reaching the Mac and that Apple manages to hide it under the screen.

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