The activation video of the Apple Card is filtered in the beta of iOS 12.3

In the last event of March 25, Apple presented one of the services that we least expected, but that suddenly has become one of the most desired. The project is known internally by the code name “Broadway”, but which we now know as Apple Card, has turned out to be an interesting challenge to financial institutions that seem to have attracted a large audience. And all this, thanks to the simplicity, transparency, and confidence that they transmit from Apple.

The credit card from Apple, which will be the first commercial card issued by Goldman Sachs for individuals, will offer a completely different experience than what we have today. For this, it will use the iPhone like no other payment method and will help users to use the card from the moment they request it. An example of this is the activation process, which could not be easier.

Apple Card

As shown in a short animation and a video that has been leaked together with the beta of iOS 12.3, and that we have been able to see thanks to 9to5Mac, everything will be reduced to pressing a button. Just bringing the phone closer to the small package in which the card will come will activate a linking process similar to that of other devices that make use of the iOS Quick Start function. Predictably, the package will have an NFC tag that will allow activation, since the card does not have an NFC chip.

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The Apple Card is one of the new experiments of the Californian company designed to make life a little easier, all while introducing us more and more into its ecosystem. It offers some really attractive financial advantages, however, we will take a long time to see it for our country. At the moment, Goldman Sachs and Apple have only planned to launch it in the United States during the summer and considering that they have to agree to move forward, the expansion could be long.

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