These fake AirPods have the Apple W1 chip and synchronize just as fast

If you do not have a wireless Bluetooth headset, you probably know someone who has them. They have become very fashionable since Apple launched the AirPods at the end of 2016, and are again on everyone’s lips as the new generation came out a few weeks ago.

So many units have been commercialized that it is almost impossible to count them. Only in 2018 more than 35 million AirPods were sold, something quite amazing for a hearing aid that had been on the market for two years.

fake AirPods

The second version of the AirPods is not too different from the first one. They have the same design and Apple continues to maintain white as the only available color (black, green and navy blue reserves for the Powerbeats Pro), although the novelties are inside with the chip H1 and “Hey, Siri” and in the outside with the wireless charging case.

Its price varies depending on whether we want this new case (229 euros) or the old one (179 euros). They are not cheap, although we are not surprised by how much the rest of the products of the bitten apple cost. Although there are limitations with the W1 chip (the first generation) for a lot less money.

They have managed to imitate the W1 chip of the AirPods

The AirPods have dozens of imitations through the network. They copy their appearance relatively well, some even have tactile gestures to turn up / down the volume or to pass of the song. They waver in the quality of the sound, which is not usually very good, and in the connectivity, being able to give many failures or, directly, to fail to the few days of use, but this last one has finished.

Apple engineers must be pulling their hair right now. And is that several Chinese manufacturers have managed to introduce their own W1 chips, making their fake AirPods connect just as fast to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac as the real ones. We still do not know very well how they have done it or that they have managed to get hold of several true W1 chips and have implemented them, but the result is, frankly, surprising.

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The YouTuber HappyRider Reviews has purchased one of these cloned AirPods to compare with the first generation originals. This particular model copies more or less the Apple box with some additions such as the name of the device and various features (wireless charging, a possibility of making calls with both hearing aids and tactile gestures). On the back side, there are other indications and the charging case, which has an LED that indicates the battery level when charging, although located a little lower than the original. A curious detail is that it can be charged by cable, and the type of connection is Lightning, nothing of micro USB or similar.

Regarding the headphones, they are practically the same. The only difference is that the XY do not have one of the black holes that the AirPods do have. Just take the two units out of the case and place them next to the iPhone you can see the animation to match them, just like the originals. The trap comes now and is that both the battery percentage of the headphones and the box are false, always going to show 90% and 31%, respectively. It may be something they have not been able to copy. To see the true charge level, go to the Bluetooth settings.

They can be purchased on AliExpress for 30 euros

XY Pods

These fake AirPods with the W1 chip have been marketed since yesterday, April 8, on pages such as AliExpress and Taobao, both of Chinese origin. This particular model, which is a modified version of the i12 TWS, can be purchased for 30 euros, a scandal price if we consider that it is synchronized as fast as the originals.

A pity that has not done a sound test to see how they sound, it is logically very complicated to have the quality of Apple, but if you listen decently could be a good purchase for those who like the design of these headphones Wireless Bluetooth but can not afford them.

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Now, more than ever, we must be careful when buying AirPods that are not from the Apple Store, it will be easier to deceive consumers who cannot distinguish them

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