The Apple Watch could have saved another life by detecting a heart problem

The Apple Watch has various functions that can help us in our day to day, and although we do not need them to solve all our problems, there are certain characteristics that can save our lives. Thanks to the sensors of the clock, it is able to control its status with high precision, and can even issue warnings in case something does not go as it should. And luckily, those warnings can arrive at crucial moments for our survival.

This is the case of a British man of 48 years named Paul Hutton, who according to 9to5Mac would have been one of the people who would be part of the lucky group of Apple Watch users who are saved by it. After receiving several notifications of low heart rate, Paul Hutton went to his doctor to ask him about it. So, the first step was to eliminate caffeine from its routine, but that did not change the situation, and notifications kept coming.

Apple Watch

Then, decided to go to a specialist, who diagnosed ventricular bigeminy, an arrhythmia in which the heart emits additional impulses, and in certain cases could bring significant complications. After this diagnosis, Hutton underwent cardiac ablation, a procedure in which the tissues that caused the arrhythmia were eliminated. Now, thanks to the intervention, you no longer have to worry about those notifications of your watch again.

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This is just one example of everything the Apple Watch can do. Of course, it is not meant to replace a doctor or his diagnoses, but it can help them detect ailments that would otherwise go unnoticed. And all this is thanks to the research that has been carried out for the development of the clock, a process that must continue on the part of Apple to make their systems and sensors even more accurate, and by doctors to take better advantage your information.

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