The Apple Watch ECG saves a skeptic after his arrival in Europe

A little less than a week ago, Apple surprised us with the arrival of the ECG of the Apple Watch in several regions of Europe. The update of watchOS 5.2 enabled this feature that has been raising so much controversy in recent months, but we wanted to try with enthusiasm. In the end, it is one of the great novelties of the Apple Watch Series 4, which seemed somewhat incomplete without having this feature available by default since launch.

In any case, the fact that a smartwatch makes you an electrocardiogram is no-nonsense, and that is precisely why many questioned its usefulness against the classic regular check-up with the GP. However, no one imagined that these skeptics would end up checking the effectiveness of the device in their own flesh . Especially after describing the function as something designed solely to satisfy hypochondriacs.

Apple Watch ECG

This is the case of a German user of an Apple Watch, who recently shared his story with the newspaper FAZ and now shows 9to5Mac. In his story, he explained that he had never had any symptoms and that he had simply decided to try the function for fun. To his surprise, the watch began to warn him of possible atrial fibrillation. After this, he consulted a friend of his who was a doctor, and he told him that it could be a measurement error. Nothing is further from reality.

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After a more thorough medical examination, the user was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Now, having been able to test the operation of the ECG of the Apple Watch and with the certainty that it would have helped him to prolong his life, he indicates that he now sees this topic from a new perspective. Of course, it’s not something we’d like to go through, but it ‘s good to know that we have a guardian on our wrists. Just in case.

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