The Apple Watch Series 4 helps an 80-year-old woman after a fall by calling emergencies automatically

One of the great novelties that came along with the Apple Watch Series 4, in addition to the electrocardiogram, was the automatic detection of falls. With this function, if the Apple watch detects that the user has fallen, it gives you touch on the wrist, sounds an alarm and shows a warning. You can click on “I’m fine” or swipe and call emergencies. If the watch detects that you do not move for a minute, it will make the call directly.

This is an option that can save lives and has just appeared a case in Germany in which an elderly woman of 80 years has gotten help thanks to this feature of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 proves to be a tool to save lives

We have already seen many cases in which the Apple Watch has saved the lives of people thanks to its capabilities to analyze our heart rate, in this case, it was thanks to the detection of falls, the same function that saved a man’s life Norway a few weeks ago.

“Last night, an 80-year-old woman fell in her apartment and thanks to her wristwatch that she called emergency, she could automatically get the help she needed . His Smartwatch was equipped with a fall detection function and alerted emergency services after the accident. An operator at the control center answered the emergency call, heard a warning on the clock that a person had fallen heavily .

The clock sent the coordinates with the location of the accident site. The police determined the address and sent an ambulance. When they arrived the door was locked and the lady could not open them so they asked the fire department to open the door of the apartment by force. The smartwatch also alerted this woman’s son as it was an emergency number. Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured, the doctors of the ambulance were supervised until the arrival of her son”

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As we see the Apple Watch can be essential to help older people, the detection of falls is automatically activated in the Apple Watch in users over 65 years. In this case and fortunately the gorge was not serious, but in others, early help can be decisive.

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