The best accessories compatible with HomeKit for your iPhone and iPad

There is something better than downloading an application and enjoying its advantages on your iPhone and/or your iPad. There is something much better than sitting on the couch and relaxing surfing the web with your iPad. There is something infinitely better than unlocking your iPhone with facial recognition. That’s right, there is something much more magical in the operating system of your device. We speak, of course, of HomeKit.

HomeKit is the future of technology, obviously together with the other home automation platforms on the market. But HomeKit will allow your iPhone, your iPad and the rest of the products of the Apple ecosystem to evolve towards perfection.

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With HomeKit accessories, we have the possibility to control a wide variety of elements of our home: lamps, LEDs, security cameras, plugs, switches and a host of gadgets.

But the best part is that we can simply do it by asking Siri. That’s right, without lifting the sofa’s ass. And this is not everything, no. We can even program automated actions, activate them according to location services or create environments for the home.

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As we have been doing weekly in our accessories section for iPhone and iPad, today we will recommend a great selection of home automation accessories compatible with HomeKit. Do we start?

Home automation accessories for your iPhone and iPad

These LED panels of ambient lighting for your home will give you an authentic show of colored lights. It has a series of special effects (see video) with which you will see how the colors of the room lights change with gradients and different intensities. In addition, the kit has super thin triangular panels, very easy to install and are compatible with iOS, Android and Alexa. A very functional and highly recommended decorative element.

Price: €210

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LED flexible adhesive strip from Koogeek

And speaking of colored lights, we could not forget to include this wonderful Koogeek LED strip. It is very flexible, resistant to water and has an adhesive so you can place it on any surface: on the island of your kitchen, on a shelf, behind your TV … From your iPhone and from your iPad, with HomeKit, you can change the colors of the LED strip, and there are up to 160 million colors to choose from! Now, it is interesting to add that the adhesive is not very powerful and maybe you should use some alternative such as double-sided adhesives. For the rest, one of the best products in the sector.

Price: €35.99

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Kami security system kit

This is a security and monitoring system for your home. We are talking about a home automation kit that includes motion sensors and a base station to control everything that happens in your home. With the sensors, you will have the possibility of receiving alerts when a movement is detected when a window or door opens. It is about products that are currently at a price-quality ratio more than interesting.

Price: $99.99

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YI security camera

We continue with a security camera with a very interesting design that will allow you to watch the live broadcast of the video images from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It has night vision mode, motion detection, SD card slot, built-in microphone and speaker, and 1080p HD recording.

Price: €34.99

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Netatmo intelligent thermostat

With this smart thermostat, you can save a lot of energy in your home. You can control the heating remotely in both iOS and Android and Windows. It is compatible with gas boilers, diesel, wood and heat pumps. Highly recommended!

Price: €169.95

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Koogeek three-socket smart power strip

And we finalized our selection of accessories compatible with HomeKit with this strip with three plugs and three USB ports to charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. If you have ever wondered how to turn on the fan, the coffee maker or any appliance in your home with Siri and with HomeKit … this is the ideal solution. In addition, it has physical buttons in case the connection of your Internet services fails.

Price: €55.99

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