All the new tactile gestures that arrive with iOS 13 and iPadOS

After the software update of the new versions of its mobile operating system, Apple tends to implement all kinds of new touch gestures for the screen of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. And with the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS, this case would not be an exception.

The latest version of iOS and the first version of the iPadOS history feature a series of new tactile gestures designed for very diverse functions. As we see Apple’s mobile operating system evolve and mature, it also increases its complexity.

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Some of the new iPadOS features required new tactile gestures and many of them are specially designed for pro users. Of course, this implies that there are certain gestures that can be somewhat confusing, as happened after the arrival of the iPhone X. But do not worry, for that we are in appleforcast, to help make the transition as comfortable and nice possible.

Here we explain the operation of all the new tactile gestures present in the latest updates of iOS 13 and iPadOS.

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All the new touch gestures of iOS 13 and iPadOS

1. Copy and paste

Apple has wanted to make things much easier for us with iOS 13 and iPadOS. Now we have two new tactile gestures to copy and paste. And both are executed by making a gesture of three fingers on the screen. Once you have selected a text, all you have to do to copy it is to give a pinch with three fingers on the screen.

And to paste a copied text, you will simply have to do the opposite gesture. That is, to paste you have to “de-pluck” or separate three fingers on the screen. That easy!

2. Undo and redo

Do you remember that in previous versions of iOS you had to shake your iPhone and iPad as if it were a cube of dice to undo an action? Well, that’s over. It’s okay, right? That at the end one day we are going to send the iPhone to the fifth pine without wanting to. And, truthfully, it was quite uncomfortable to do it on an iPad with a giant 12.9-inch screen.

From now on to undo an action you have to slide three fingers on the screen to the left. To redo you have to slide three fingers on the screen to the right. Now, for those who love shaking, the option to undo shaking the device will still be available.

3. Toolbar

From now on, if you keep three fingers pressed on the screen you will see how the toolbar with the buttons copy, paste, cut, etc., appears in a very convenient floating menu.

4. Move the cursor

With iOS 13 and iPadOS, it will also be much easier to move the text cursor. To do this you simply have to keep your finger pressed on where the cursor is , move your finger to the area of ​​the screen you want and you’re done.

5. Text selection

Another of the most useful touch gestures of both iOS and iPadOS is the quick selection of text. You can select the amount of text you want by sliding from the beginning of the part you want to the end. The trick is to slide your finger quickly, do not keep pushing.

6. Slide Over

One of the most useful and surprising features of iPadOS is that the system offers the possibility of having several applications open in Slide Over mode. Yes, it was possible before. But now it will be possible to change between them without making a real mess. To change from one app to another in Slide Over you have to slide to the left or to the right from the bottom of each app in this mode.

7. Minimize the keyboard

In addition, iPadOS can also use a new mini keyboard. An ideal option to write with your thumb while holding the iPad with both hands. To enable this keyboard you have to pinch on the virtual keyboard of iPadOS. It will be minimized and will appear as a floating element. In addition, this keyboard is also compatible with touch gestures, you can slide your finger between the keys to form words. Cool! What is your new favorite feature?

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