The Best iDope Alternatives You can Use

If you guys are a torrent user, then you guys might be well aware of iDope. Although iDope is the best search engine in the torrent world. It is actually created in tribute to KickAss Torrent which was shut down in 2016 actually. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best iDope Alternatives You can Use. Let’s begin!

Well, then iDope shortly became one of the best torrent search engines in 2017. But, the fame of iDope did not last for long and it was forcefully shut down after a few months actually. Before banning, the site gains a lot of popularity and manager in order to grow a loyal user base.

The Best iDope Alternatives You can Use

Well, this is why the iDope alternative is still searched today as well. Torrent users from all across the globe are still searching for iDope alternatives. So, if you guys are also searching for the same, then you guys have landed on the right page. Now, we are going to share some of the best iDope alternatives that you can visit today.


  • YTS is also known for its great user interface and movie content.
  • The site basically offers you both old & new movies.
  • Each and every video content uploads in HD format.

idope alternatives is not the original YTS or YIFY website however a really good clone. After the demise of the original YIFY/YTS, this website took its place actually, and because it has gained lots of popularity with its unique style website look as well.

It is basically one of the best torrent websites which you guys can visit right now. For all those who do not know about YTS, the torrent website focuses on movies and video content as well. In fact, YTS is also for its video content, and it also receives tons of hits each and every day.


  • It is one of the most reliable torrent websites.
  • The site has a clean interface and offers easy navigation.
  • On this site, you guys will find every type of torrent content.
  • Users can even download eBooks, Softwares, etc.

idope alternatives

This one used to be the king in the torrent world, but because of some of its competitors such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, 1337X does not manage to gain that much popularity. Still, 1337X is there for a while, and it’s actually one of the best torrent sites that you guys can visit.

RARBG | idope alternatives

  • The site is really fast and easy to use.
  • RARBG can also use to download movies, Games, Softwares, etc.
  • The site claims in order to host only verified content.


It was founded in 2008, RARBG is a torrent website that gives torrent files and magnet links. In order to enable peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

It also has one of the best-looking user interfaces and most movies and TV shows basically come along with thumbnails and preview that actually makes the site really easy to navigate. In recent months, the site gains so much popularity that it blocks in the UK actually.

The Pirate Bay

  • The Pirate Bay is right now the leading torrent website actually.
  • The user interface of the site is pretty clean and fast.
  • You can download almost each and every type of torrent content from the site.
  • The site is known for its huge torrent directory.

idope alternatives

The pirate bay is not banning in any country and also is virus-free which actually means cyber safe. Also, it does not even have any adult stuff which in simple language you can say porn actually. You can download music, movies, games, as well as software in just a few clicks.

It is the only torrent website that has not gone down till now. The interface of The Pirate Bay is really clean and it is for its humongous torrent directory. You guys can find almost everything on the Pirate Bay from movies to freeware software as well.

TorrentHounds | iDope alternatives

  • The site is heavily famous amongst the whole torrent community.
  • Torrent Hounds is especially known for its clean user-interface actually.
  • The site also offers you easy filtering options in order to browse content.
  • It is a community-driven platform where you guys can communicate with others.

We basically know the site for its interface and quality content. Talking about the torrent files, TorrentHounds has an extensive collection in order to offer. And it’s actually a community-driven project that’s handle via the community members themselves as well.


  • It is one of the best iDope alternative sites in order to download software.
  • Also, the site hosts lots of freeware files such as Linux ISOs, freeware software, etc.
  • IsoHunt also offers you ISO image files of the latest & famous games.

idope alternatives

IsoHunt is another famous title on the list which you can know for its interface and the extensive torrent collection as well. In fact, IsoHunt could be the best iDope alternative due to its high-quality content. Yes, you guys can find almost everything on IsoHunt from freeware software to games as well. So, IsoHunt is another best torrent site that you can visit in order to grab your favorite torrent.

SeedPeer | idope alternatives

  • The site is also known for its unique content filtering features.
  • SeedPeer lists the most famous torrents right on the homepage.
  • You can download almost everything from the site such as ISO files, Softwares, Movies, etc.

Well, SeedPeer is another best torrent site on the list that is for its high-quality and verified torrent as well. Apart from that, it was the interface that basically makes the site stands out from the crowd.

Torrent Project

  • Torrent Project is known for its massive torrent database.
  • As of now, the site has over 10 million torrent files in its directory.
  • You can find almost everything on Torrent Project like Movies, TV Shows, Games, etc.

Torrent Project is the last one on the list that you can visit in order to search for your favorite torrent file. The Torrent Project is one of the famous torrent websites out there and it’s viral amongst the torrent community. The great thing about Torrent Project is that it has more than 10 million torrent files which you can download right now. So, Torrent Project is another best iDope alternatives that you guys can consider as well.


  • The site is known for its well-organized user interface as well.
  • You can also visit the site in order to download free movies, TV Shows, Games, Softwares, etc.
  • The site is heavily famous amongst the entire torrent community as well.


Look, LimeTorrents is also a victim of a torrent mass ban, so, it keeps changing its domain name from time to time actually. But, the site is live now, and you guys can visit this site to grab free movies, TV Shows, Games, Apps, and much more.


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