The Best Pixabay Alternatives You should Know


Pixabay is actually a lively network of creatives, sharing copyright free photos and recordings as well. All of the substances are discharged under the Pixabay License, which makes them safe to use regardless of someone else’s opinion or offering credit to the craftsman – notwithstanding for business purposes actually. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Pixabay Alternatives You should Know. Let’s begin!

Well, many folks search for alternative sites such as Pixabay for downloading more free stock pictures. Fortunately, there are many websites such as Pixabay that you can utilize for your purpose as well. Below are six of my most loved sites along with the expectation of complimentary brilliant stock photos. Just check and get the free photos just the way you want!

The Best Pixabay Alternatives You should Know


  • Number of Images:  1+ million free images
  • Search function: Advanced
  • Images tagged: Yes
  • Has Vector Image:  Yes
  • Log in to download images: Yes  
  • License Page: Flickr license

Although Flickr has eight license categories, there is also a Free Use Photos section that anyone can access and are not needed to credit the creator. Users on Flickr post photos on this group for free use.

Also, the free images on this site are uploaded by creators and artists, and have been inspected and handpicked by the Flickr team actually. You can also find these photos on the creative commons page through going to the explore section. Even more, this section also contains numerous lists along with photos under that category.

Flickr also has an Attribution License section with photos that can anyone can use. But, the user has to attribute the creator’s credentials, ID, and name with photos whenever they are used.

The site also has many categories along with different levels of usage restrictions and conditions. However, you can also categorize images based on the creator’s name, credentials, and license type also. This makes it really easy for you in order to find the right image.


  • Monthly plan – $6.99 per month
  • Annual plan – $5 per month, billed yearly
  • 2 Year Pro – $4.92 per month, billed every two years | pixabay alternatives

  • Number of Images:  390K+ images
  • Search function: Basic
  • Images tagged: Yes
  • Has Vector Images:  No
  • needed to Join to download images:  Yes
  • License Page: Freeimages license

Freeimages is another stock photo platform along with a wide range of high-quality photos uploaded by users.

The platform has more than 300,000 licensed media content ready to used on product packaging, newspaper, brochures, printed materials, television productions, advertisements, film, social media, and many other personal uses. Along with a wide range of collections, Freeimages has a better search feature than Pixabay.

You do not even need to include a photo credit for commercial use. But, if you are using it for editorial purposes, then you must include the credit.

Freeimages has a lightbox feature that lets the users create a custom list that has all the favorites and also the list is publically available. Such as, if I want I can create a list of all the babies’ pictures available on the website and then put them in one lightbox.


Unsplash is also a Pixabay alternative and it offers a considerable accumulation of free high-goals photographs as well. It has turned out to be a standout amongst the best hotspots for stock photos as well. The group of Unsplash searches via new entries and highlights the best photographs on their landing page actually.

pixabay alternatives

Under the Unsplash permit, all of the pictures discharged for nothing. Unsplash is a prevalent asset that almost posts ten new “do anything you desire” photographs every ten days actually. Pictures of this site are exceptionally high caliber, and also extremely interesting. The nature of the images, the hues, and the structures is actually impeccable for the most part. They have presented a hunt, a really incredible advance forward, and convenient apparatus when one needs in order to limit the outcomes.

Pexels | pixabay alternatives

  • Number of Images:  100K+
  • Search function: Advanced
  • Images tagged: Yes
  • Has Vector Image:  Yes
  • Required to Join to download images:  No
  • License Page: Pexels license

Pexels is actually a great platform for Photographers in order to showcase their creations. All the famous images are showcased on the front page among all other artists. Just like FreeImages, Pexels has one of the largest collections of free pictures. Pexels are very famous among Photographers and get them a lot of exposure and the photos are featured on the website front page. There are a couple of ways that you can discover images on this website, you can directly search for what you are actually looking for. And it would display the results as well. You can go to the browse section and select from famous photos, popular searches, or the leaderboard as well.

pixabay alternatives

They mostly put out Photo Challenges in order to look for the best pictures which are then showcased on their website. This community building, in turn, results in a really better quality photo for everyone. You can also create and share your content on the website and help develop the community and database of awesome pictures as well.

 Burst | pixabay alternatives

  • Number of Images:  10K+
  • Search function: Basic
  • Images tagged: Yes
  • Has Vector Image:  No
  • Required to Join in order to download images:  Yes
  • License Page: Burst license

Burst allows the artists to create and contribute images to its database actually. Images that are approved by the Burst team and then published online. Even more, these pictures are divided into categories and are updated regularly.

This platform also has a Business Ideas section specifically for eCommerce entrepreneurs as well. Images within this section are dedicated to many eCommerce stores such as enamel pins and yoga products.

Burst by Shopify also offers you many free stock images that fit your niche. More so, there are also ideas for new products that you can also try out. Plus, there is a New Photos section where you guys can discover the latest additions as well. Also, you can browse popular images in order to find the one that fits your needs.

LibreStock | pixabay alternatives

  • Number of Images: Indexed   
  • Search function: Advanced
  • Images tagged: Yes
  • Has Vector Image:  Yes
  • Required to Join in order to download images: No  
  • License Page: Librestock license

Librestock is actually an indexing platform that searches for free pictures online and generates results whenever users place a query. The website is optimized to discover free photos online, which makes it different from Pixabay that relies on a database of images.


LibreStock also offers you results from many other image-sharing sites such as Shutterstock, Pexels, and Flickr. Also, the website has a simple interface along with recently added images displayed on its front page as well.

Search results on this website differ relying on the content available on platforms along with CC0 licensing, as well as users’ queries.

Gratisography | pixabay alternatives

  • Number of Images:  500+
  • Search function: Basic
  • Images tagged: No
  • Has Vector Image:  No
  • Required to Join to download images: No  
  • License Page: Gratisography license

Gratisography basically offers you a database of many6 quirky and creative pictures. More so, the site has also a strict curation process. This makes sure that only high-quality pictures are available on the website actually.

Also, Gratisography showcases free pictures handpicked by the team. Thus, you have access to the wittiest photos from a long list of photos. But, the platform also offers sponsored images through Shutterstock.

Each and every category of images on the site has a different style of pictures. Even more, Gratisography has a catalog of up to 400 unique images. These images are only published after making sure that they set many precedents.

StockSnap | pixabay alternatives

  • Number of Images:  50K+ images
  • Search function: advanced
  • Images tagged: Yes
  • Has Vector Image:  No
  • Required to Join to download images:  No
  • License Page: Stocksnap license

StockSnap is another place that you can find free stock pictures. Just like Pixabay, images found on this website do not need attribution and are copyright free as well. But, what actually makes StockSnap distinct is that it updates its database along with high-resolution photos daily. Thus, you can always find something new each and every day.


StockSnap permits you to filter images with the number of views and the date they were uploaded actually. The website also has a stream of trending photos, that gives you access to most sought-after pictures on the platform.

Plus, images on StockSnap are under the CCO license. Thus, you can also use photos for both commercial and personal use as well. The long-term goal of this site is basically to build a vibrant community of photographers that want to showcase their art to folks around the globe.

Moreover, StockSnap uploads pictures from specific photographers within its community and also curates pictures from around the web. This basically provides you a repository of high-resolution stock images. StockSnap also has many categories in order to search from. These categories basically include beach, business, wallpaper, love, and much more as well.


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