The best protection for your products has arrived: AppleCare + arrives

For several years, Apple has offered the AppleCare service as an enhancement to the classically limited warranty and technical assistance they offer their customers during the first year. This coverage is especially useful outside the European Union, where the consumer is not so protected and a guarantee of at least two years is not required. However, within this territory it does not make much sense, especially knowing how easy they are to use Apple products.

In some other countries, in addition to this additional coverage, a higher level was offered, which covers accidental damage while maintaining Apple’s technical assistance for two years, or more in some special cases. Thus, customers had a strong reason to adhere to these services, knowing that Apple would offer their recognized support service even with the most absurd falls. And now, this service has finally arrived along with the renewal of the line of iPads.

AppleCare +

After a long wait, AppleCare + has finally arrived in our country through a great expansion that comes in a year in which services will take much of the role. Users who buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, HomePod or Apple Watch may purchase this coverage to protect their devices to the fullest. This must be contracted during the purchase or in the 60 days after the purchase from the official website, authorized stores, or through the Apple Support app.

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With this service you can enjoy up to two years of coverage (three in the case of the Apple Watch Hermès), with up to two incidents of accidental damage, significantly reducing the price of an official repair without guarantee and maintaining the level of quality of the company. AppleCare + prices vary by model, so it is necessary to check with Apple the rate available for our device in the period in which the contract is available.

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