The iPhone XS loses a speed test against the Samsung Galaxy S10

Each time a new Android device comes to market it is compared to the iPhone. The Apple device has become the benchmark in the industry, especially at the level of performance. Until now no one had been able to beat the iPhone in a test of speed of use, despite the fact that Android devices usually leave after the iPhone.

It had not happened, until now. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 has managed to beat the iPhone XS in a test of speed that insurance you’ve seen before. It consists of opening and closing applications and sees which device does it faster. There are two rounds, one in which apps open for the first time and a second round in which they open a second time. In the latter is where the iPhone XS has lost, and the fault lies with the Microsoft applications.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 exceeds in speed the iPhone XS

The benchmarks already showed that this year Samsung devices had come very close to Apple’s iPhone XS, however, they were still behind. Despite this, other elements such as RAM memory has served the Galaxy S10 to be faster than the iPhone XS opening apps.

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As you can see in the video, the first round is won by the iPhone XS. Let’s say that in this first round the speed of the processor and the operating system are the most important. Both devices behave excellently, although the iPhone XS is winning for a few seconds.

However, this does not happen in the second round when the applications reopen again. In this case, the RAM is much more important and the Samsung Galaxy S10 has twice as much RAM as the iPhone XS. The iPhone went very well in this second round until it has reached the Microsoft apps, both Excel and Word have taken too long to open and have crowned the Samsung Galaxy S10 as the winner.

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