The first phone joke in history made with an iPhone was made by Steve Jobs himself in his presentation

The presentation of the original iPhone is one of the keynotes that every Apple fan should see, it is the device that changed the history of Apple forever. In this presentation, Steve Jobs showed numerous features of the iPhone and spent a joke that was left for memory.

In the presentation of the original iPhone, Steve took the stage and reviewed all the innovative features of his new device. Among them we had to pinch a photo to enlarge or scroll in different apps, None of this had been seen before, although now it is very common.

Steve Jobs

However to show one of the capabilities of Google Maps, back then were the default maps of the iPhone, stopped a bit and made what is probably the first joke made from an iPhone.

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4,000 coffees with milk, please!

The joke of Steve Jobs made in the presentation is related to Google Maps and some of the functions that at that time seemed a thing of the future. Steve opened the app on the iPhone, looked for Starbucks and several stores appeared on the map near where they were.

Steve showed some astonished spectators that not only could they know where there was a Starbucks nearby, by clicking on each one of them more information appeared, like the telephone of the establishment.

It was then when Jobs called the nearest one to demonstrate the capabilities of his new device, he was attended by a very kind employee and when asked Steve told him that he wanted 4,000 coffees with milk to go.

Nothing else after saying it Steve reacts saying that he has been wrong and that he was only joking. This is probably the first telephone joke made with an iPhone in history, and Steve made it live during the presentation of the most important device in Apple’s modern history.

It is undoubtedly a good memory of that presentation that we certainly recommend that you see if you have not done so. If you already did it, it might be a good time to remember it even if 12 years have passed.

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