These are the news that have come to the iPhone

Although many discuss it, Apple has introduced many new features in its range of iPhone over the past years. You can not reinvent the wheel every year, but it is true that Apple is adding small and big news with each new model.

Today we are going to review the changes that the iPhone has suffered in the last two or three years and we are going to order them from best to worst, according to my criteria. Some of them we have become accustomed in such a way that we could no longer live with a previous iPhone, others however we do not like anything.


All the news that has come to the iPhone lately from best to worst

All screen design

For me, it is without a doubt the most relevant change that the iPhone has had not only lately but in its history. The iPhone X came with a design that almost completely eliminated the frames of the device and inaugurating a new line of design that has followed the iPad Pro or Apple Watch.

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Face ID

Removing the frames made Touch ID disappear and although at first, I was not at all sure how I could not live without Face ID. Apple’s facial unlocking is better than Touch ID in 99% of cases and we must remember that it is the first version. The second generation of Touch ID significantly improved the speed and we hope that the iPhone XI does the same with Face ID.

Dual camera

Dual camera

Apple was not the first to introduce two cameras but these came with a function that now all have included: the portrait mode. In a time when photos are so important, Apple showed us that our iPhone can take professional quality photos if we have good conditions.

Gesture control

The start button was the cornerstone of iOS, with it we returned to the home screen, we started multitasking, we invoked Siri … However, Apple has been able to replace it like nobody else and gesture control of the iPhone is a real delight. Once you get used to it, you do not want to go back.



Another important novelty that came with the iPhone 7 was the resistance to water. A feature already available in other smartphones and that today is essential. Not because we go swimming with the iPhone, but because it makes our device resistant to many accidents with liquids.

Wireless charging

A novelty that took a long time in the devices of the competition and that thanks to the change of materials came to the iPhone. As of iPhone 7, all iPhones arrive with a crystal design that allows this type of charging. It is an interesting option that has to be on the iPhone, but it is not the most outstanding either.


Apple wanted to give some more utility to its complex True Depth camera system that allows Face ID and the company introduced the Animoji. It is something funny that many copied badly shortly after, however once passed the time they go almost unnoticed. Apple should allow Animoji in third-party applications, now you can send them via WhatsApp, but it’s not easy.

Goodbye to battery percentage

The entire screen design and the notch, which we will talk about later, have cut the space available for the status bar and one of the sacrificed was the battery percentage. In the new iPhone, it no longer appears next to the battery icon, only when we open the Control Center.



One of the tolls that you have to pay to have the best facial recognition in the market and an iPhone all screen. It is true that with time it practically goes unnoticed, but we would all like it if it were not there. Hopefully, Apple can hide the sensors and cameras someday under the screen.

Headphone jack removal

Another controversial decision of recent years, the iPhone no longer include a headphone jack and everything will go through the Lightning connector or the Bluetooth connection. It’s not something that has influenced me very much, I’ve had AirPods for more than two years, but it ‘s something that many misses. Although the rest has followed the trail of Apple, it is a decision that subtracts options.

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iPhone of more than 1,000 euros

Without a doubt, the worst of the latest Apple iPhone is its price. The iPhone X far exceeded the barrier of 1,000 euros and that has made sales have not accompanied. Although it is true that the competition also has smartphones of 1,000 euros, and that there are usually offers on the iPhone, it is a lot of money to change the iPhone every year.

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